Dream Cheeky USB Piano

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Dream Cheeky USB Piano
$17.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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If only it was one of those floor keyboards from Big.

Damn you I was about to post the same thing

$34.99 at Brookstone


If you’re like me and have a Tom Hanks doll collection, this is perfect for recreating the movie scene.

DENIED on Mac Compatibility. :frowning:

$34.50 plus shipping at Amazon. One review - one star, which isn’t completely fair since the person wanted a MIDI-compatible KB, and this isn’t. OTOH, they say it reeks of rubber, and that would apply more widely…

If you are punny like me, you hang your car keys from it.

Beats lugging around a Casio to all of the family functions. In for one.

Thought you were going to say “If you are puny like me, this is just like the one from Big”. :slight_smile:

Now this isn’t quite for me, I was hoping for the version that was used in the movie “Big”… I really don’t think I can walk on this one… : (

EDIT: Typed to slow, everyone beat me to the punchline… Errrr


I already have plenty of keyboards, but I’m going to go see if they make a drum pad that price.

Whoa. They do! And it’s only $29 on their website!

(PS the rollup piano is $34.99 on their website.)

How can you go wrong with a Dream Cheeky product?

Try balancing that on your knees. O, and the magnificent touch! Not interested.

Description: “This is the most portable piano seen to date”

The fact that you have to drag along your laptop makes it not so portable. Still, if the keys were pressure sensitive, I’d consider it. But as it is, the lack of tactile feedback and levels of sensitivity, makes it a very unrealistic musical keyboard.

I might have gotten one if it hadn’t been called a “Dream Cheeky.” Somehow, watching someone play a “Kurzweil” or “Yamaha” seems so much classier. But I guess this is what $18 buys you.

Yet, if name funniness had a bearing on price, I suppose a “Moog” would be relatively cheap.

Is your collection inflatable and anatomically correct? :slight_smile: