Dyson Ball Upright or V6 HEPA Stick Vac

Are you married to your pet? Is your wife your pet? I’m confused.


Or this

Same price, I think, plus free shipping.


Sooooooo… Cancel current order and pick it up from EBAY also includes a 6 month warranty and free shipping. Is there some catch to this?

Womp :frowning:

Are you going to beat that price?

Ours has the added HEPA filter that typically comes with upgraded cord-free models. The HEPA filter is indicated by the blue cap close to the handle.

Nope. We can’t beat it. 'Tis a sad day.

Well you better take a loss, this could ruin your reputation forever!

So, does the stick really get 20 minutes of continuous use? And does the battery give out in a few months?

We recently had another brand of cordless vac, and the battery gave out after a few months.

I have one of each. Both shed hair at a fantastic rate.

Can anyone comment on input voltage? Will this accept 240v?

Edit: Asking about the V6 Stick.

Also curious about 220v compatibility.

I’m seeing conflicting info on the internet. Might be best to ask Dyson directly so you get the correct answer.

Hooray for ebay. Boo woot!

FYI I bought this hepa stick before Christmas on woot. The lid wouldn’t seal on the cannister so I had to hold it shut when it stopped vacuuming. When I attached the wand and went to use it the whole thing fell apart. Just saying no quality control or assurance

I’m very sorry. Did you contact Dyson or Woot CS for assistance?

If you bought it before Christmas, it should still be in the Dyson warranty period.

I received mine today but there is not a charger with it, did anyone else have this issue?

Uh oh! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form to report the omission.