Dyson DC23 Canister Vacuum

This deal really sucks… :slight_smile:

I want a Dyson but have not drummed up the courage to pull the trigger yet. Are they really that good?

Here comes another one, just like the other one - last on Jul 20, same price. OTOH, it’s $287. at Overstock today. http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Dyson-DC23-TurbineHead-Canister-Vacuum-Refurbished/5656902/product.html

edit: I talked myself into it and took one for the team. I’ll be happy if it gets the above-the-ground dust my Roombas can’t reach.

If I had $200 to blow, I’d use it to buy this thing that sucks.

I bought a couple of the refurb Shark Navigators they had awhile back…one for upstairs and one for down…I’m happy…


They came with this thing:


Amazon Refurb $287

Amazon New $371

We have the newer model DC39 canister and are quite pleased with it.

Bought the DC28 upright earlier this year because we have a sheltie that sheds like it’s going out of style. I was always skeptical about Dyson, but owning one and using it a couple times a week for the last 6+ months, I can easily say it is the best vacuum I’ve ever used. It really doesn’t lose suction.

We replaced a nicer vacuum with the Dyson, but as a final test, I cleared out the old vacuum and used it in our bedroom. After that, I ran the Dyson over the same areas, just going as quickly as I could. You wouldn’t believe how much extra crap the Dyson pulled out.

As for this particular vac, I’m sure it’s good…if you’ve got a pet, you might be emptying it more frequently than an upright.

I bought one of these models a while back when they were up for sale - LOVE IT! I have 2 dogs - boxer and a basset - and they shed like crazy! It is amazing to me how much dog hair I get up compaired to my old vac. Plus stairs are a dream to clean in our bi-level house! Probably the best household item I have boughten in the past 5 years!

My wife bought a Dyson. I hate the thing.
Dyson wins the award for most over-hyped, over-advertised, over-priced vacuum cleaners ever.
“Won’t lose suction” == “Never had any suction to lose”

I got this a few months ago, and like it. I have all hardwood and tile floors and dogs, so I bought the hardwood floor attachment. It was a little pricey, but worth it considering the savings on the vacuum. http://www.amazon.com/Dyson-Articulating-Hard-Floor-Tool/dp/B004W2GTMA/

I haven’t used the turbine brush bar. I don’t imagine it being very effect on carpet since it’s suction powered.

All in all, it’s a good vacuum. I didn’t find it amazing, but it’s better than anything I’ve had before.

Mine arrived today, and I was appalled at the amount of dirt and cat hair it pulled out of a small rug that I have always vacuumed weekly. I should have weighed the crud. The bin was nearly full, but emptying it is a breeze. Very impressed.

I bought a dyson DC25 upright a while back off woot. this model makes that one look like a weak broom!

I LOVE it!
we have many indoor cats, and boy/girl 6 yr. old twins, I know what a MESS is!

the vacuum makes my life easier, and that is what I was going for. if in doubt next time, go for it.

Besides that, it looks more like R2D2 with a crew cut than any vacuum I’ve ever met.