Dyson DC23 Yellow - Refurbished

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I bought an upright Dyson for my wife a few months back. She doesn’t like the “wand” for some reason (when you extend the pipe to reach into high places, etc). Not really sure why. Does this work differently? I’m assuming it has an extension feature as well, but there’s no picture of it deployed.

She probably doesn’t like it because that hose doesn’t like to extend at all. I’m assuming it has something to do with the suction. Ours will drag the vacuum across the floor before the hose stretches out. I wonder if this thing suffers from the same flaw.

This looks more like a traditional canister vac vs. upright with hose. I’d buy one if I didn’t already have 3 vacuum cleaners…

My wife did not like the hose on the upright either and wants me to buy this one. She prefers cannister vacuums.

Hey Woot, thank you for the 1147 Dyson vacs that you’ve offered over the years.

I’d love to see you offer a Miele Vacuum. Any chance?

Any idea how good this is for pet hair?

I just bought one (2 girls with long hair and a cat that seems to shed all over) and it cleans up hair pretty darn well. Granted, we’ve only used it once so far.

I bought one at this sale and have been using it for a few weeks now…I have two dogs, one short hair one long, and I am absolutely amazed at how well this Dyson works! I had a Hoover Wind Tunnel previously and had used it just prior to the Dysons arrival. The Dysons cannister quickly filled up with hair and super fine dust. I was amazed. The only drawback I can think of thus far is having to empty the cannister so frequently…