Dyson DC15 The Ball All Floors Bagless Upright Vacuum

woot never let’s me down… still got useful linkage w/ comparison shopping links… for those who want to know more about this one… and there’s a lot to know… cuz, as most have heard by now, dyson pretty much rocks… true story

is this better than my roombas?

IF I didnt get mine at sears Id be getting it, nice one.

If Only I had carpet haven’t we seen this quite a few times?

Bought the Full Kit last time it was offered.


So does my wife, cause now I actually enjoy vacuming.

Kyle Krichbaum should add this one to his collection…

I need a vac but i dont want to spend $289 for something that is going to pick up my crap.


369.99 elsewhere, not bad wootlings, not bad…


These things are interesting, but I’ve read that they don’t deliver enough bang for the buck.

For all of those who purchased this vacuum during the last Woot off, what do you think? Is it any good?

Where’s the rebate for the people who bought it at $319. I guess it only works for zune buyers.

I would love one of the Dyson Ball vacs. Bought one of the Dysons from last Woot, and I love it! excellent vacuum

That zune rebate didn’t work for me

Uh, this model is called ‘All Floors’ so it can be used on all floors whether you have carpet or not.

I got the dyson DC14 last time it was offered and it’s still running strong, never loses suction. I love it.

I’ve got two big dogs in my house and I use the thing almost daily.

Good Woot!

I paid $319 on 7/30. I want my zune-like rebate please.

I kind of think Dyson runs Woot. They have great equipment, but it seems one of their vacuums appears here all the time.

so now that I’m a better informed consumer, just how many AIRWATTS does it use??

Is Dysen as good as hover? I need some like these for my home. These seems like deal for prise. Thanks for tip!

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