Dyson DC24 All-Floors Vacuum - 2 Colors

**Item: **Dyson DC24 All-Floors Vacuum - 2 Colors
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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what?! this is a sphere? I’m thinking, maybe not so much, eh?

you wanted a comment…

Amazon reviews here: http://www.amazon.com/Dyson-DC24-All-Floors-Upright-Cleaner/dp/B0014E7CPC

I’m still trying to decide… have had generally bad experiences before with woot + refurb, but haven’t tried my luck with “factory reconditioned” yet…

4 Star reviews over at Target

More great reviews at Home Depot, Overstock and pretty much anywhere else you look

For what it is worth, I have had fab luck with vacuums and shampooers on woot. It is the little items like those pesky heart monitors I have had trouble with. Now I have not bought a Dyson, I bought a Hoover pet eraser. But the darn thing is still sucking like brand new a year and a half later. Thanks woot. I loves me the referbs.

is this the smaller light weight one or the full size? On here is looks like the light weight, but when i look it up on amazon is looks full size and both have different weights

I just got the DC33 refurb and it works amazing. Don’t know about this model but I’m sure it’s up there as well. Only part on mine that doesn’t look brand new is the very bottom base which is slightly scratched from use, or just being rolled across a floor before being boxed up, everything else is brand new just as it should be.

June 30, same $199.99 for yellow

comment then: http://www.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=5486491#5486491

Same price when they offered both in 2011

bye, sorry, really swamped at work now.

Just received shipment of my second refurbished Dyson from Woot. The first one purchased 6 years ago finally stopped sucking two weeks ago, just a day before Woot offered another. Opened the package yesterday and found that this model is a bit lighter and that these filters can be rinsed with water for cleaning. I have absolutely loved the former (remanufactured/refurbished) Dyson as has anyone who has tried it at my home. Looking forward to several more years with this new one.

Thanks, Woot for offering such a great product.

Is the Purple version ‘Animal style’?

The only difference between a regular Dyson and an Animal Dyson is an attachment. That attachment is not included with refurbished models.


In my experience with Dysons, it really doesn’t matter if they’re new either. Be prepared to take advantage of the warranty as mine lasted only six months before pieces started to break off, like the step bar behind the ball as well as the button on the brush head. Many, many reviewers complain about these breaking. Bought a Hoover for $60 after mine broke and it lasted two years. Keep in mind too that I only used my Dyson “lightly.”

Here’s a video review of the DC24 in action.


I was wondering that too. Thanks for the clarification.

We have a Dyson (DC-18) that we purchased refurbished in 2008. I clean the filter every few months, and it’s going as strong as the day it arrived. I should mention that we have two cats and a dog, so it gets a lot of use.

The chart at the bottom of the Amazon page linked above has a pretty good comparison chart at the bottom.

I comment on this model each time I see it for sale. Here’s what I posted the last time:

We have two Dyson’s. A standard upright DC?? similar to the DC40 and this one, the DC24. Our DC24 has required servicing twice; the beater motor burned out both times. We rarely us this vacuum these days otherwise, I suspect it would have been in for repair even more than it already has. The DC24 has very little suction while the standard upright does a pretty good job. At 200 bucks, the price isn’t bad and this is a very light vacuum and thus seemingly easy to operate cleaner which many would find appealing. Personally, I prefer one with more suction that actually performs the job you’re trying to accomplish; the upright performs this pretty well.

Also, I assume like any bag-less vacuum, keep in mind that these things need cleaning pretty often if you expect them to function properly. Unlike a bag vacuum, I would recommend emptying the canister about every time you use it. My wife hates the thing and does not like emptying it due to the resulting dust storm… so much for having HEPA filters as it gets you back each time you empty it, unless you wear a mask to do so. Again, this can be said for any bag-less system and is not unique to a Dyson.

I wrote a short review when this model was up for sale previously. Unfortunately, there are a pretty good number of Dyson groupies out there who seem to believe nothing can be wrong with a Dyson. So, take it for what it’s worth. If you have a small apartment and the need for a small, lightweight vacuum takes presidence over the need for a powerful vacuum, this may be right for you. Otherwise, I’d stick with an upright or get a Royal http://www.royalvacuums.com/or Kirby http://www.kirby.com/. I don’t currently own either, but I want one!

For those of you wondering, this is the smaller light weight, not the full size. I will tell you though, a couple weeks ago woot offered this same model in the limited edition red, it’s the lightweight as well I bought it. I love this thing. Some reviews on amazon complained about the size, I don’t think it’s a problem. I have two pets, it does a great job cleaning up after them, and I’m constantly running outside without shoes- and it does a phenomenal job cleaning up after me. Because of the small size it fits in my very small bathroom closet, and the handle goes down for easier storage as well. You won’t notice a difference in suction, I don’t think the size is really a problem either with how much you can vacuum, as it’s easy to tell when it’s full and you need to dump it. I will tell you though- I’ve vacuumed the entire house 4 times without it reaching the dump line yet. That’s pretty impressive and not bad at all.

I bought mine as a refurb too, and it’s impossible to tell that it isn’t brand new. I say go for it. What do you have to lose? You’re not going to find a better vacuum for this price.

Thanks Woot! I won’t be buying another because I already bought one, but I wanted to share my insight.