Easy Park Garage Parking Sensor

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Easy Park Garage Parking Sensor
$12.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: New
Product: 1 Easy Park Garage Parking Sensor Model RP-338

who is that bad of a driver!?

can you set the distance for when it turns red? I want to park half way into my garage

Found a similar one on Amazon that people seemed to like. This one surely can’t be any worse.

My grandmother has issues parking. I remember looking at a product like this when we were trying to find something for her.

We ended up going with very low tech - a tennis ball hanging from the ceiling. When she sees it dink against the windshield, she stops.

A lot cheaper and easier to maintain.

Dang, my wife has a HUGE hole in the wall where she’s rammed the van into it before. This looks really interesting…

Anyone actually use one of these before?

Too bad I don’t park up to a wall but to shelves and workbenches Oh well.

…a tennis ball attached to a string works perfectly well…

It’s not the back wall where I need something, it’s the side walls where everything’s stacked.

I was thinking exactly the same thing, tennis ball on a string works wonders for the same purpose.

Until your son’s friend decides that it’s really nice that there’s a ball hanging there for batting practice and takes a swipe at it with the bat. insert grumble


how well does this work? well because… i have my worries… well at least its flush mounted!

just make sure you don’t rely on this 100%

can you put on back bumper and use for backing sensor like new cars have

Had one like this exactly but all black case

Yes it does work

However the pre-set distance is about 14 inches

NO it does not work well with a curved bumber like on my wifes Dodge Caravan

I ended up nailing a 2x4 to the floor to stop her


Yes I trip over the 2x4 once in a while WTF !!!

you should just hang a tennis-ball from the ceiling then it would only run into your face instead of making you faceplant! lol

Tried it, the same problem with the caravans curved windshield. pull in at a slight angle and boom time to get the spackle!

Turn off the music, Put down the cell phone, Power down the movie player. And simply park. Some old folks as myself will turn around to look while the vehicle is in reverse, I know the DMV says No No No, But it works.

Ah, but that’s where my Dad did 1 better, and attached a metal loop to the ceiling (at the point where the tennis sphere would’ve been suspended). A string was attached to a point on the top of the garage door, which passed through the ceiling-anchored metal loop, and then finally attached to the tennis sphere. So when the door was open, the tennis sphere was in the ideal spot, and when the door was closed, the tennis sphere was pulled up to the ceiling.

Now that is SMART! Tell your Dad “Thanks for the IDEA!!!”