Echo Plus (1st Gen) with Built-In Hub

Echo Plus (1st Gen) with Built-In Hub

Two year old device and Amazon still has new, full 1-year warranty devices available?

Scanning the reviews, there are complaints this Echo Plus 1st gen (Plus means it includes a zigbee smart home hub) sounds worse than the non-Plus Echo they were replacing.

And the main changes going from this 1st gen Echo Plus to the 2nd gen Echo Plus are the 2nd gen is more compact (a lot shorter but a bit fatter) and the sound greatly improved on the 2nd gen.

Since we could care less about the zigbee hub function, this version would be a pass for us. (The hub function on our much loved and decent sounding 2nd gen Show (10) has collected dust since we bought it.)

If you need/want the zigbee smart hub functionality, it might be more interesting to you since the 1st gen and 2nd gen retail prices were/are $150.

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Thanks for that, I was wondering what the Echo “Plus” was.