Echo Show (2nd Gen) - 10.1”

Echo Show (2nd Gen) - 10.1”


I bought one of these a year or two ago. I have a lot of Echo/Alexa stuff, and I thought this would be a nice addition. What a piece of junk. Always shoving ads and “suggestions” in your face, the interface is sluggish, the touchscreen infuriatingly insensitive and inaccurate, the software is a mess, and anything you want to do requires wading though menu after menu which of course load glacially slowly and, well, it’s worthless. Just get a cheap used iPad and set it up with some console software.


Do you have a suggestion on console software?


Update software and let it proceed at each step slower than you normally would expect. The first time I did, I apparently went too fast and some menus were missing. Might have been cause for some of these refurbs. Had to do total reset. Let it run through update with time to spare. The bottom bar should go across entire screen when finished.

Disable 2/3 of the “Home Content” that you think are not relevant to you. Maybe disable even more as you become familiar with the device. It is intrusive with things it wants you to try. I would leave “skills” to try on. It’s trying to be friendly for bored stay at home folk. Be ruthless in disabling those that are not relevant. Menus are faster for me not - probably less multitasking.

Re-Enable if you want more suggestions back by going to Settings>Home Content. I even shut off upcoming weather since I use my phone for that. “Hiding” the topics from main screen did nothing. You could even stop “rotate continuously.” I may shut those and “Discovery” off eventually.

For “Alexa skills” you almost have to use the Alexa app on a phone or (harder) do it on a PC/Mac online. Later you may be able to add verbally but at first you need to see menus of what is (still) there.

The bad: I had hoped to use it with WebEx and GoTo meeting but because those are no longer supported on Amazon app store, Amazon in a way trashed a key use of their device. Amazon’s intentional walling off itself from Play Store is a business decision they made. It makes Amazon Fire and Echo Show items much, much less capable than their competition. Either they need to increase and maintain their App store or no more devices for me (have more than 8 purchased or gifted and feel burned by Amazon deleted apps (inexcusable) - that still exist in Google Play Store). It is a walled poorely maintained garden. Does not support Amazon ad supported Freevee video (they should be embarassed). It does not allow Paramount+ or Disney+ in case you want those. It supports Amazon Prime, oddly does allow NetFlix and Hulu if you have those accounts.


Anyone know the difference between Refurbished (1), (2), and (3)? They’re on the pull down selection for Condition, but no explanation of the difference. Thanks.


No difference. We have inventory in different SKUs and our system doesn’t let us combine them. We have to do stupid stuff like this to show them in the same sale.


Thank you!!


Was so nervous! I have been waiting forever to get one on here. I finally see them with all in stock. I picked 1 as my selection condition thinking it might be the smartest. Then came back and only 1 was the selection and figured I picked the wrong one! Thank you for clearing it up!! Hands down this is the BEST echo device sound wise!! I have over 15 echos in my home and set them up as groups. This one sound wise is the best!!I can’t wait! I LOVE woot so much! :hugs::hugs:


I am so unfamiliar with all this stuff, does this do the same thing as the echo dot?


Can this be used to just show photos in a slide show easily?

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Yes, everything the Echo Dot does. And a lot more. In addition to being able to display content, as an example, if you listen to music on your Echo Dot, this Echo Show sounds worlds better.

EDIT: I should add, if you have Alexa compatible security cameras, you can display them on an Echo Show or even FireTV.


Define “easily”. You can display your own photos in a slideshow, using the Alexa app.


I’ve bought 6 over the past couple years. 2 originals. 2 8” 2 10”.
Only one of the 8” had a little screen defect which I still kept anyway

They play music really great. Their sound system is remarkable for the size of the units. Also for watching movies on Prime, Netflix, YouTube etc. They’re also great.

If you have home automation that’s Alexia compatible, all you do is ask it to do something and it complies

I love them and all at great price.


Also handy for listening to the news, podcasts, etc.
Great for asking questions that you might have regarding celebrities, sports, definitions, etc.
Ask Alexa for recipes, listen to preparation steps, save recipes, view recipes, add ingredients to your shopping list.
Set up alarms, reminders, etc.

Very handy. I have several, along with other echo devices.

Watch your Blink doorbell video and monitor cameras.


Yes, it will scroll through your photos.

Have you side-loaded apps by d/l the APK file? I did this with my Fire 1.0.

Do it? I’m not even sure what you said.

I don’t think that is possible.

It is not a tablet. It is an Echo. Designed for limited Voice interactive functions such as home automation, checking on pod cast type feeds, viewing security cameras that are Alexa compatible (many are).

If you want the above, you may be very happy though see my suggetions earlier about need to let it cycle SLOWLY through an update. Rush it and it will not brick but also will not function correctly.

If you want a tablet, do not get this or you will be frustrated by lack of compatibility with Amazon store.

Hope this helps you know its strengths and what it is not.

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Which sounds 2nd best? I don’t care air the screen and it’s expensive given that I don’t care about the screen.