Echo Spot - Smart Alarm Clock with Alexa

Echo Spot - Smart Alarm Clock with Alexa

Darn it. I just bought that from woot not too long ago for 49.99

Good timing cause mine was suffering from the flickering screen of death.

I’m sure this one will inevitably do the same, but since I Was able to get $30 on trade direct from amazon for my old echo, it was basically no charge anyway.

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ELP reference for the blurb text… I have some new fondness for this Woot! staffer. :smile: :+1: :ok_hand:


My least favorite of the “Show”/display category Echo devices, but still, 30 bucks… would have been tempted if they hadn’t sold out quickly.

So the Spot has the 1st gen Show flickering screen affliction tendency? Hadn’t heard that.

Great news! We dug around in the warehouse and found some more inventory. We’ll be adding it to the event over the next couple of hours. Check back to still snag a great deal at $29.99.

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Is used good (1) different from used good?

No. They have to do that if the item has a different SKU.

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Hey is there going to be any Used-Very Good among those new inventories you are adding?

How long before you add in new stocks for this product?

Hi there. Not sure. Depends on what we can get from our vendor/source.

My flicker had fixed itself. And coincidentally enough this morning I noticed it’s returned. I’m gonna sit on this and try not to make an impulsive purchase…


I made three impulsive purchases on this today. Only acceptable comdition is left.


what does the (1) mean after some items? It obviously doesn’t mean one piece left as I bought one of those and they still show available?

Hi there. They’re the same thing but have a different SKU. They were purchased with different purchase orders on our end.

You added very goods after I ordered a good. Boo.

Just set up a trade in through amazon for your old one, get $30 gift card, and then it effectively hasn’t cost anything for this one.

Mine would flicker…I disconnected for a few hours, was good and then went bad eventually…disconnected for a few days, then went bad again.

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Yeah, same here. But that one was new.