Ecolution Artistry Fry Pan 8" or 11"



I wonder how long the coating lasts. How thin they are?


I bought these a couple of months ago from a Woot Plus. So far, so good. The coating is spectacular and they don’t scratch easily. The handles are silicone so they are heat resistant and maintain room temperature even if the pan itself is hot.


I have both of these and they are pretty solid. Just make sure you don’t put these in the dish washer.

I don’t know from experience, Just a reminder that dish washers ruin the non-stick faster. Also, wooden spoons or silicone utensils. just a couple reminders on how to preserve your nonstick surfaces.


This looks like a pretty darn good price, the 11" pan is $19.79 on Amazon and the 8" pan is $14.41.

Trying to decide whether or not to pick up one of each. I’ve had my most used non-stick pans for a couple of years now and they are definitely not as slick as they used to be.


It says dishwasher safe in the specs.

Newer dishwashers are better at not distroying non-stick surfaces. More damage is done by scratching w/ utensils, including wooden spoons.

Plus, at this price, you can have 2-3 for the price of one. Just throw one on top of the kitchen cabinets…


You can only buy multiples of one size? Not one of each size?


Remember, it’s $5 shipping all day. So you can place an order for one size then another order for the other size. Shipping will still be just $5 total.


Thrilled to see these here. I just bought Ecolution’s griddle a month ago at my co-op and love the weight/thickness and the handle doesn’t get hot. These feel substantial, and I was planning on buying frying pans next. Thanks, Woot!


Great! Thank you. I will try that!


When you change the quantity from 1 to 2 or 3, there will be more drop down boxes added automatically so you can select the size for all of the pans. I don’t think that you can do multiple orders like the other person said (unless they changed the rules and I missed it).


I owned these and I forget how much I paid for them at Ross’s, but they are worth every penny for the cooking surface. They really don’t stick and they have performed much better than the ceramic coated ones I bought at the same time. (they are sticking)

One thing that may be useful to know: If you have heavy grates on the stove (we have a high output BTU gas stove with cast iron grates), you can kiss the pretty design goodbye in a very short time.

Personally, I don’t care, the functionality is what matters and they have performed well.


The bigger size makes a wonderful one-dish pan for the entire family. The smaller one, I only use to scramble eggs, make Spanish omelettes (they are the perfect size) or saute garlic shrimp.

the only thing to warn about is the statement I made earlier about the design. It may not last long. I wash by hand, but depending on the grates on the stove, the design will be toast in no time.


I have an 8" and a really big one–probably 14"–that I bought at a local store. They’re fairly heavyweight aluminum, and the nonstick coating has held up very well. I’ve used the larger one to cook bacon and eggs almost every morning for a couple of years now. Handles are super-comfy silicone and don’t get hot at all.

If I can find something else to spread out the shipping charge, I’m definitely in for an 11"!


Can these be used on ceramic top stoves?


Thanks for the advise. I’m getting ready to start my next diet after labor day and the current skillet has seen better days. I got both–hoping the smaller skillet will encourage me to eat less!


Do the pans come with lids?


Choose the quantity first and it will let you choose a size for each one.

No, they do not come with lids.


Ok, not to sound stupid but are these the regular pan sizes that we buy at the store. I need to make sure that my food will fit like my other pans…or are they a touch smaller. On other sites 12" seems to be the usual???


Try to limit the electric/gas cooking level to a 75% level and the non-stick surface will last longer. You really can cook at a reasonable rate. Follow the manufactourers instructions for seasoning the pans. Look into convection cooking before buying these.