Element 40" 1080p LED HDTV

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Element 40" 1080p LED HDTV
Price: $199.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Jan 19 to Thursday, Jan 22) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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3.8 Stars over at Walmart

Only way I’d do this TV again is with external speakers and Square Trade. Sound stinks. Want to know what it sounds like? Stick a paper towel roll tube into each ear, listen to audio from your TV. Imagine that every show.

And after 8 months, no more picture. Sent it to Element on a RMA, never heard from them again. FedEx apparently lost it traveling 5 miles from drop off to delivery. If it was 41", they would have picked it up directly.

Buy a Visio. They stand behind their products, no dance around using a third party delivery service.

Does the TV show the current show’s title and description? Is there an electronic program guide function (EPG) ?

I purchased a similar 40 inch refurbished element tv 10 months ago. Decent picture. Very poor sound. It is not my primary tv and it was too difficult to return so I used pair of computer speakers plugged into the headphone jack for decent sound.

Had the same TV, it lasted about 3 years before random lines appeared on the screen. Eventually the lines turned to bars and after a while a picture stopped showing up at all.

If you’re looking for a beater to last you 3 years, go for it. If you are looking to depend on the TV and not replacement in the near future, get a better TV.

Sound was awful.

Was $119 at Target on Black Friday.NEW! I didn’t keep it.

If you are wanting decent sound from the very thin and flat tvs of today…you’re doing it wrong.

You have to forget that the old CRTs were BIG and had space for speakers and resonance.

HDTVs basically require some kind of external speakers to be tolerable.

A friend had an Element LCD flat screen a number of years ago. We plugged a computer in using VGA and the computer hibernated and set the monitor to sleep. The TV misread the signal and video blacked out permanently across all inputs and never worked again. The company said it was a common problem and unfixable. Lesson: Never buy another Element TV.

I have been happy with the sound from all 3 Vizio’s I’ve purchased from Woot. While I would agree with you that an external set-up would sound better, I haven’t felt the need to yet.

We got one of these, and quite frankly, love it. I don’t think the sound is terrible (it covers our living room just fine). One small thing I like is that these are assembled here in the USA (from foreign made parts, but what will you do?) The picture is quite good. It’s not a smart TV, but it’s certainly worth what we paid for it (around $300 two years ago). If it was a little larger I’d consider getting another one.

Keep in mind this is a 60hz TV.

How does this compare to a 2007 era Sony Bravia 40"? The display on my bravia is starting to fail and may want to replace it but I have a feeling I will be disappointed replacing a set I spent $1200 on for a set for $200. However, technology is better now so maybe it would be as good or better?

Don’t have this tv but got a similar model. Thanksgiving day Meijer had the 48 inch Element for $179. Using an already owned soundbar and subwoofer and I have no complaints.

I’m not sure where they get that response time number, I have this TV and there is a HUGE input lag. You can’t disable enough of the features to make this TV gaming friendly.

Do not connect a console to this.

Mine arrived with no remote, no screws to mount it to the stand, and no manual. Yikes! Sent a message to Woot customer support…

Mine arrived… but the tv won’t respond to the remote. I’ve tested the remote and it’s sending a signal.

Ugh. Sorry about that. Please email support@woot.com with your order info and situation. CS can check your account and review your options.

Done, thanks.