Energetic Lighting LED T8 Bulbs - Your Choice

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Energetic Lighting LED T8 Bulbs - Your Choice
Price: $89.99 - 141.99
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Hey! “Illuminati” is the Latin term meaning “The Well Lit!” Really, look it up! I’ll bet these bulbs have been around for 400 years, and we’re just now finding out about them…

20 bulbs at $7.35 seems like a good deal IF they work in your fixture - from what I have read on most of these tube replacements it is hit or miss.
For the 8 pack at $11.88/bulb is not a good deal. HD has Philips LED tubes for something around $9-10 each and you can return them if they don’t work in your fixture.
I would love to buy 3 sets of 20 for my condo building since we have talked about changing out the tubes for LEDs but it’s too big of a gamble.

Anyone know if these can be used outside? Actually they would be in an non-insulated garage. I know the normal florescent lights don’t like the cold.


could be a lot of disappointed buyers if these are normal LED lights. A tube in a normal older fixture has a transformer and gets very high voltage to make the gas work. When you put an LED light into a fixture, it can NOT be tied into the transformer and the high voltage but must run on 120V. So the fixture must be rewired. Specs should be clear if fixture needs to be rewired.

The specs specify direct replacement and give tested ballasts. So there’s should run off most fixtures with no modification.

That said direct replacement LEDs aren’t as efficient for to the ballast and if the ballast quits working (some ballasts have a life eating off half or less if these bulbs…) you are stuck replacing the ballast, or rewiring anyway and replacing the bulbs again.

I went back and forth on these for a few months but when the local big box started selling LED T8 replacements for <$8 each that have the ability to work with or without ballast, it was no contest for me.

Good Morning. You can find the list of compatible ballasts on the Energetic Lighting website. Hope this helps!

These lights can work in about minus 6 degrees and as long as they’re not exposed directly to elements, they can be used outside.

Will these work without a ballast? I have some fixtures where the ballast has failed and I plan to take it out anyway.