Energizer Rechargeable 3-Watt LED Flashlight Kit

More flashlights!? ;_;

Great for playing “Red Light, Green Light” on the go!

Make your own 3-D goggles with the red and green lenes! Stylish and functional.

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Energizer Rechargeable 3-Watt LED Flashlight Kit
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • Energizer RCLM3NMBP Rechargable Metal LED 3-Watt with Car/Home Charger
    3.5 oz. Pork Smoky Grilled Teriyaki Flavor
    3.5 oz. Beef Pineapple Orange Flavor
    3.5 oz. Sweet Chipotle Flavor
    3.5 oz. Beef Garlic Chili Pepper

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I would if it ran on AAs so I could use my eneloops…

I can see the light

Got one of these last time. HOLY CRAP is it bright! Seriously. I actually honestly went “Holy crap” when I turned this thing on.

It’s Bingo Approved!

that’s a pricey flashlight to have stolen from my car.

I hope this disappears like a flash

Perfect for those cool black-out summer nights… (is it 2003?)

good flashlight to keep in your car so when you drop your skittles at night you can search them out.

there’s a ton of these…

This could shed some light on this Woot Off XD

Cool little gift for those with boats. Of course, they would need three flashlights; one red for the port bow, one green for the starboard bow, and one clear for the stern.

Please not have a lot.

Love that I can keep this in the glovebox and not worry about dead oozing batteries. In for three. I can already see it’s going to be another Woot! Christmas in 2010.

It’s officially gonna be be three days!

Can I use the green filter to prentend I’m on Ghost Hunters?

Is this flashlight good? I need a new one…