Erasable Gel Pens (36 Pack- 18 Blue, 18 Black)

Erasable Gel Pens (36 Pack- 18 Blue, 18 Black)

What brand are these pens? They look similar to Frixion with the flames but it doesn’t say Frixion so I assume it’s off-brand. I couldn’t find one that looks like it on Amazon.


Those are frixion. They’re the ball point gel version.

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Hi there. Per the vendor, they’re Tezl, comparable to the Pilot Frixion.

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Will these work in the rocketbook and wipe off the same?


I took a chance and bought them to test out. They wrote, erased, scanned, and wiped off in the Rocketbook just fine.

The ink in the black pen I tested was a little lighter than my frixion pen, but it was not a big deal.

I keep losing/misplacing my frixion pens so it was worth it.

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Don’t leave these pens inside a car where it can get hot. The ink is heat activated and it will turn clear just like the Frixion.

Put your cleared pens in the freezer and you’ll get a lot of the color back.

Thanks… Mine didn’t have a vendor listed and after the first few uses on multiple pens from the shipment, it is clear they aren’t Frixion…

  • the ink takes a while to flow to my Rocketbook pages, and it isn’t a consistent flow… I find myself using scratch paper first

  • the cap does not stay on (only tried 5 pens) after a bit- it is like there is pressure that pushes it off, but I think the mechanism that keeps the cap on wears down quickly