eZip Trailz eBike (2 Style Options)

does it do wheelies?

I have this bike. It is quite heavy and the battery packs are impossible to find. I think Walmart has them for the same price. No deal here.

$424 from Walmart

Without the electrics, this is about a $150-200 bike. The motor is probably good for flatish terrain, but if you have anything resembling a hill, forget it…you’re pedaling.

Do you have this bike? If not, as a general rule 450 watts will get you up any legally graded hill, with some pedaling assist needed on the steep ones. Even a 250 watt motor will help a lot, especially with lighter lithium batteries. This bike is a decent deal if you can find better batteries for it - the short lived, cheap, sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries are its main flaw.

$349.99 here tonight

$549.99 for the diamond


not sold now at Best Buy, was red model, 3 reviews pretty good (I checked the owners manual, it looks like different color for the low rider):

One thing to think twice about before buying a bike like this online is that there is a significant percentage that get damaged in transit (I just had to send back a much nicer, more expensive Prodeco bike because of shipping damage that didn’t even show on the outside of the box). There is also a significant defect rate. So if you can get this for a little more at a local brick and mortar store, do it. Because it’s not cheap or easy to return a 60+lb bicycle by freight shipping…

If you receive a damaged item from Woot, contact support@woot.com and they’ll work with you to make it right.

Here is a page with accessories and replacement parts, including a $400 lithium battery that should be an improvement. Most people wait until the OEM batteries fail before replacing them with a lithium pack. The best way to extend the life of SLA batteries like this bike has is to never run them empty or even near-empty, always recharge immediately after using them, even for short trips, and top off the charge at least once a month in the off season. Again, though, I have to stress that e-bikes are a gamble, not a Sure Thing…

Where is it manufactured?

You can count on the batteries being Chinese. Most e-bikes are either made in China or assembled in the US, using all or mainly Chinese parts. I don’t know about this specific bike.

Electric bike, it might be the perfect way to keep you overweighted. In fact you can even use it to go to McDonalds.

Remember kids, operating e-bikes on state roads and city streets is illegal in New York State and although the federal gov’t considers <750W ebikes the same as regular bikes, they are subject to state/city laws.

It isn’t as simple as them being illegal here. I’ve never been bothered while riding sanely in NY, and NYC has a large E-bike dealer. They are also legal for federally funded trail systems.

Bottom line: it depends on whether or not the police where you want to ride it are Jerks or not. Think of riding one of these on the street in New York State as “Jay Riding.”

lead acid batteries are killed by cold. so, take the battery off and take it inside and you’ll get much longer use out of it.

More accurately, they don’t perform as well in the cold, so storing them inside will give you better range in Winter. As long as they are charged, they will withstand the cold. Still, if you can keep them in a safe place indoors, by all means do so.

Battery 200 cycles - if your not suppose to fully discharge the battery does that mean may at best you need a new one after 6-7 months of daily use

Best price I see for the lithium pack is about $340, with shipping.

I was waiting for someone to notice that… Here in Florida, cyclists ride 300 days a year. Me, I am a wuss and get in only 200 days of honest pedaling. This bike could help on those windy days… But still, buying a new battery pack every year…! The prices other wooters have shown here tells me that it would be at least $200 a year for batteries. For $795 new, you can buy a scooter that gets 80+ mpg.