Fanttik EVO 300 Portable Power Station, 299Wh

Fanttik EVO 300 Portable Power Station, 299Wh

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I plugged the Amazon page for this item into Fakespot and it said that 21% of the reviews are reliable.

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Anybody know anything about this company? It’s only a bit over a year old, and is supposedly a US based company, but I’m very suspicious it’s a Chinese company, and I don’t trust new Chinese electronics company to be around very long, much less to honor their warranties… (or even give good customer service).

I could be wrong about this particular company, but I would be wary.

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Project farm reviewed their jump starter. It was the best. Then he redid the review a year later against new ones, and it still won. It was expensive but by far the best.
Judging by that product the brand makes good stuff.


Very impressive.

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It is NOT LiFePo4 batteries. I figured as much because they never mentioned their battery composition. These are lithium.

If you’re wondering what that means, much shorter shelf life and charging cycles with lithium. ALL power station makers are switching to LiFePo(lithium iron phosphate).

If this is something you won’t be charging much, it probably won’t affect you. But they are using outdated tech.

While I agree that I would prefer LiFePO4 for something like this power bank, I would not say that the use of the more standard or “vanilla” lithium ion chemistry that is prevalent in mobile devices (nearly all mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) is really a huge issue for most folks who use this every once in a while. Those who need a daily driver need to be looking at something more robust, and expensive.

LiFePO4, or lithium iron phosphate, is not newer tech at all, and was in several industrial battery systems that I used, and helped design around a decade ago. We liked the “safer” chemistry for the durability, meaning that it was more stable and resilient against several hundred charge cycles beyond the competition. But it always comes at the expense of being bulkier and heavier for the same charge capacity. That was often part of the deciding factor as we designed battery management systems specifically to harness that sort of resilience, and thermal stability. But it was definitely not newer tech, even back then.

All of that said, I can only speak from my experience, and I both trust the brand, and this unit. I have one of this model of power bank, two of their 100W solar panels (also for sale), and a couple of their smaller powered tools. They have all been steady, and no obvious signs of degradation (even if I may have cracked mine open to investigate the internal electronics :nerd_face: :wink: - and I am not truly encouraging that most folks do that). Meanwhile, I have similar banks from Anker that have exhibited mixed behavior, despite a much higher MSRP; one is fine-ish, and another has lost more charge, and is less shelf-stable due to higher dissipative losses.

So, comparatively, I am a fan of this Fanttik product. Hope that helps some of y’all