Farouk CHI Ceramic Hair Styling Flat Iron 1-Inch

Plenty of good reviews on Amazon

Reviews and video at Overstock

Pretty good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at drugstore.com

Are these new or refurbs?

What happens if the one we get from woot is a knockoff?

Also ten foot cord!? Isn’t that a little excessive?

These should be new. I’m not certain that curling irons can be refurbished/factory reconditioned.

  1. We certify the items that we sell as being authentic/brand name.
  2. You’ve never wanted to curl your hair in a separate room?

Scratch the 2nd point there.

In for one. I have a HerStyler straightener already but the CHI’s are suppose to be really good. Guess I’ll find out how they compare!

Is there really any essential difference between this iron and the ceramic ones that cost well over $100 and/or are labeled ‘professional’?

I highly doubt that WOOT would sell anything that is refurbished without clearly stating that it is.

Yes I’m a little scared about the item being counterfeit as well, due to the numerous 1 star reviews on Amazon. They are all complaining about the irons being counterfeit, albeit very convincing ones, and something about Farouk suing Amazon because of it? Since Amazon is so closely related to Woot, I’m wondering if they are the same ones? I hope not because I really want to buy one.

These are $44.99 at Amazon, free shipping. What is the deal here? Am I missing something?

These used to be THE flat irons to use for straighten hair. Haven’t heard as much about them recently though. Here is some info about the company owner: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farouk_Shami

This guy has been on Celebrity Apprentice a few times over the years to plug his products and is really gung-ho on having everything his company makes made in the US. So that’s pretty cool.

My hairstylist said its super sketchy if its that cheap. I got mine from folica.com for around $100. A little pricey but I have heard of the “counterfeit” ones that look exactly the same. Hopefully its the real deal! I love my Chi and I have long thick hair. It handles my mane well!

The longer cord is useful when the mirror is absurdly far from the nearest outlet.

I’m thinking it’s time I tried out the fabled Chi.

This is what I have. Used occasionally, it’s still going strong after 5 years. Best I’ve ever owned. I paid $100 5 years ago. Note: it gets HOT…very, very hot. Use some sort of serum or something on your hair, that’ll help. Long cord comes in handy!

Usually this iron does cost over $100. I’ve had the same chi straightener for over 8 years and its still working perfectly!!! I highly recommend this product!!!

This is what I use every day and most of my friends have either this or a very similar model. It works great - heats up in maybe 30 seconds - and been going strong for probably 4-5 years now without a single issue. I’m considering getting this as a backup just in case anything ever happens so I don’t have to go any time without it. I’m surprised how cheap these are since last time I was in the market they were $80-$100, but maybe the price has come down some.