Farouk CHI Ceramic Hair Styling Flat Iron 1-Inch

2 teenaged girls sharing a bathroom, the only electrical outlet is within a foot or 2 of the mirror.
The one that straightens her hair can do that without a mirror but the other needs the mirror for putting on make-up.
A 10 ft cord allows for the cord to bypass the makeup-putter-oner and not stretch in front of her face or tightly across her neck or shoulders, etc and allows freedom of movement for the hair straightner.

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CHI products are top of the line from iflat rons to hair brushes and hair products. In for at least 1.

I’ve bought 350 Woots with multiple items and never
had a Knock off.

Isn’t a 10 foot cord better then: a cord that’s too short?

Not to be Mr. Obvious, but could it be that the 10 foot cord is for hairstylists working in front of a mirror?

Perhaps that’s a subtle indication of level of quality?

Not much of a deal. similar prices can be had on amazon.
where most of the people complaining claim the manufacturer won’t honor warranties when purchased from an online retailer.
which is probably why woot is offering a warranty here.


Know Genuine “Made in the USA” CHI"

Here some important stuff to know about CHI when looking at comps on other sites.

CHI had moved production to China, but due to counterfeit concerns they moved production back to the US in 2011. This item was given a new SKU at that time

B0009V1YR8 = made in CHINA
B00480KPD0 = made in the USA (the one we are selling)

This is why you are seeing variations in the prices. We know that ours is genuine CHI, made in the USA. Cheaper models you are noting are probably older stock and/or possibly not genuine CHI product.

Whoops, the condition was missing. It’s NEW. It’s been added to the sale now.

Amazon is not an authorized dealer and if you read reviews on other chi’s you will see that it’s doesn’t have the right plug and there are other things that let you know its a knock off

This straightener is amazing. I have super thick curly hair and this is the only one ive found that gets my hair perfectly straight. I’m buying this as a backup because its $60 off retail price! Great deal!

I’m really tempted to buy this straightener, since I’ve been in the market for a straightener for a while. I have big thick curly hair, so I want something good quality but the good quality straighteners would not only flatten my hair, but also my wallet.

I’m a little miffed by Amazon’s reviews on this. I don’t want to be purchasing a knock-off. How will I know I’m getting an authentic CHI?

Also, woot lists retail price at $190. Amazon lists it at $199. Overstock lists it at $140. Why the difference?

Look at the actual Sellers - this is not being sold by Amazon, they are third party sellers. Most of the third parties selling this at a low price are new or have crappy feedback.

I try to stear clear of third party sellers on Amazon unless they have a significant positive feedback history.

Also, there seem to be several pages on Amazon for this product, all by different 3rd party sellers. Has anyone found one sold by Amazon directly?

I have fine hair, but lots of it. Natural, no dye. This is the only flat iron that I could use EVERY day that didn’t damage my hair. I’ve been using CHI for over 6 years. Highly recommend it to those on the fence about it. :slight_smile:

When the Chi first came out it was used mainly by Hair stylist. Then it was marketed to the general public. So the long cord help us stylist comfortably work on our clients.

I have had my Chi for over 9 years now and it is still kick’n!

have you ever had a problem on amazon with a third party seller?
amazon always sides with the buyer.
I actually sold something on amazon and the person didn’t like it. no problem, they filed am a-z guarantee, kept the item, and amazon refunded their money. thankfully I still got paid.

I will say that woots warranty is longer than the warranty amazon is offering by 15 days. which still isn’t very good at all.

Wow, what a good price. These still sell for around $100 at the local stores. Although, the newer ones have that Tourmaline ceramic material and are temperature adjustable, I’m sure that this model is still awesome.

As others have said, these things get HOT very fast. My girlfriend has already burned herself on hers.

One word of caution, this flat iron does not turn off automatically! It will stay at 400 degrees for as long as it’s plugged in while it burns your laminate counter-top. Ask me how I know :stuck_out_tongue:

The authentic Chi flat irons are awesome! My daughters and I have thick coarse hair, and these work extremely well. When I first started using flat irons, I went with a cheap one, and it did nothing for me. I was amazed at the difference when I switched to a Chi after a hairdresser used it on my hair. This is the lowest price I have ever seen for a Chi. Just get it, this is barely over the drugstore price for a cheap one. You won’t regret it.

These aren’t temperature adjustable? Hm. I’m not the type of girl who straightens her hair very often, but I don’t like the straightener to be so hot that it burns my hair, or the hand that’s holding it.

Can someone with more experience with straighteners tell me the pros/cons of a fixed-heat flat iron?

do you really think woots an authorized dealer?
why do you think woot is offering their warranty instead of the manufacturer?

Exactly how hot does this unit get?

Heard so many great comments on this flat iron, so I’m in for 1!! Will see how we like it!!!