Fire Sense 44K BTU Patio Heaters - Your Choice

Let’s learn all about firesense

Got one a while back and I love it

Would it be possible to set this up going through the somewhat standard center hole in patio tables (usually used for the umbrella)?

Way too big for that I think.

Link to the pdf manual (61288):

They make smaller heaters for patio tabletops. I saw one @ Costco last week.

How much heat does it give off? I live in VT and my wedding is next fall - outdoors! Do you think these would work for the tent?? What’s your thought on the table - unnecessary expense or a must have? THANK YOU!!!

Its your wedding, chances are you will be sweating no matter what the outside temp is. Don’t bother . lol

Can these be used under a covered patio? How much vertical clearance is needed between the top of the unit and the ceiling?

EDIT: I found an answer - 45 cm (just under 18 inches).

Are these propane based?

Yes, these use the standard 20lb liquid propane tanks used for your gas grill/bbq. It’s stored in the base, accessible through a door.

Does anyone know what the average burn time is per tank? I didn’t see it in the specs.

Keep in mind that your local chain hardware store will most likely have these [or something very similar] listed for $99 on Black Friday. Check out the leaked flyers that have already appeared.

What? NO discount? Cheaper to buy from parent company AMAZON. Amawoot, woot-azon… Trying to come up with your new name.

we purchased two for my sistersbwedding and they were great!! it turned off cold later and yes you could use in tent or out. my husband put them together and liked so much…he wants one so getting for christmas

Do you have a link? I don’t see any on amazon currently that are cheaper than either of these.

We’ve got the one on the right (w/ table) and can’t recommend it enough. Our backyard patio is about 25x17 and one of these turned on medium heats almost the whole area on a fall evening.

Can u pls elaborate which HW store?

I know Wal-Mart is selling these for Black Friday @ 88.00 and it’s the one with the table top.