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4.7 Stars on Model 61710 (Stainless Steel Elite Bullet Patio Heater) over at The Home Depot

Will the propane ones work with Natural Gas?

At a minimum, you’d have to change the connection or get an adapter. And remember, the pressure is less on home natural gas lines. I would check with the manufacturer.

Per their website:

Q: Can my propane patio heater be converted to natural gas?

A: Our patio heaters are manufactured and safety certified for LPG only and we do not recommend altering them in any way. To do so could cause irreparable damage to the unit.

Can anyone explain to me the main differences between the propane heaters? I can’t figure out what all I’d get by paying 3x the price of the cheap one for the most expensive one.

I have a question please…

I have a high (high as in a catherdral ceiling high) roofed or ceiling screened porch. Is is advisable to use one of these heaters on the porch please, and thanks,


I can’t decide if this would be warm enough to sit on the deck in MD in winter? We like to smoke Hookah, but I hate doing it in my house.