FlipShare TV Wireless A/V Extender

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FlipShare TV Wireless A/V Extender
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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This is perfect for anyone who bought the FlipShare that popped up last night.

Man, woot!, this is the most uneventful wootoff I’ve ever slacked off at work through.

What a cool toothpick holder!

No no no no no. I did my part with the email box usb thing. Someone else’s turn.



Video Review:


Demo Video:


this and all flip recorders are dumb. get a phone that takes video, end of story.

As they say, the more FlipShares you have, the better!

Will this let me play my enormous collection of ‘Top Gear’ AVI files on my netbook on the telly?

It really is Top Gear too. Honestly.

Awesome, bought this from woot a few days ago for $30+ haven’t managed to get the adapter to work on my wife’s win xp laptop yet.

The weird holy white box looks like the box that Charlie spoke through in Charlie’s Angels. What could be in there that requires vent holes?

I see someone took their turn in 16 seconds on this thing.

Can this be used to share any videos on your computer or just flip videos? My guess is only flipshare vids but I thought I’d ask it.

too bad i was too slow to get a flip camera :frowning:




Says it can stream any video that you add to your flipshare library? I wonder if it’ll play just any 'ol .avi movie dled from the internetz?? Anyone used one of these before? I don’t have a flip camcorder, but $25 for a 720P streaming device may be worthwhile!