FlipShare TV Wireless A/V Extender

I think this might rate right up there with Leak Frogs for useful and stylishly funky not as fun nor crucial but not bad

Where’s the bail of corn-nuts? I want my box of croutons! Has anybody seen the bowl of crustaceans?

Props to my sis

What the “Flip” is this?



This could be awhile…

Looked interesting until I read over at Amazon that the receiver and base have to be pretty darn close to each other. Computer in office and TV in living room = wont work :frowning:

You can stick your new Microsoft mice in there when they’ve been behaving badly.



They usually come up around 4PM EST


No, sadly. :frowning:

At least we have each other (and cats … lots and lots of cats).



Can this be used to stream internet tv through my tv or does it have to be Flip videos?

Got a couple of flip camcorders for the kids a month ago, this seems like a good accessory.

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when something once retailed for $150 and now is on woot for 20, chances are it sucks, or is very outdated… sounds like both

No guarantee on that anymore. Lately have seen them random, more than once and not at the end