Food and Water Survival Bundles

Really Woot?! You have to know this looks and feels like y’all are trying to combo off of the hurricanes and wildfires? That’s not the kind of shenanigans y’all are about.

Please donate your entire inventory to Puerto Rico. They need it. For Puerto Rico to recover, it’s gonna take people and business choosing to help - simply because they can.

Check out Jóvenes x Puerto Rico – you could enable them to do a lot of good with this stuff! Jóvenes x Puerto Rico, organized by Nelson González Collazo

Or it means they’re helping people prepare for the next disaster. I guess it’s perspective.

Also, this isn’t anything new; it’s just more visible with current events (esp cough n korea).

You can always buy one of these yourself and ship it there if you want to. It would be more likely to see Woot offer free drop-shipping to Puerto Rico, now that would be more reasonable to expect them to do.

These packs have been around for years. Lots of places you can get the individual items but it is convenient to have them packed together ready for storage and the occasional dusting.

Better idea: if Woot/ Amazon doesn’t care to donate, buy them yourself and have them shipped directly to donation agency. Doing so guarantees something going to someone in need instead of cash to an amorphous agency.

Well, at least you don’t mind s0ending other people’s money.

Note that these require adding the food to the pan of boiling water and simmering for ~10 minutes. Requires more water for cooking, more water for cleanup and more fuel for prep than some others, like Mountain House.

It’s the American Way! But seriously, Lutheran and Catholic relief services were there before, during and after the storms, No fat-cat salaries for CEO’s and a very high percentage of each donated dollar reach those in need.This can be easily verified. Sending cash to them is better than sending beans to PR.

So it can rot in a dumpster like the other aid that was sent?

Did you see the video of relief supplies being thrown out?

Better you should buy some packs and ship them there yourself. Wouldn’t that give you a warm fuzzy? To know that you showed up and made a difference?