Force Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool

Force Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool
Price: $29.99
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Force Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $12 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day
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Condition: New


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Time to check out the product page and let’s learn all about Force and the warranty

Take a peek at the Manual

OK, I’ll ask. What is this thing used for? The name, specs and features aren’t very informative. I even checked the manufacturer’s psge and still haven’t a clue. “Multi-purpose Oscillating Tool”? It sounds like something used to shake down a bridge in a bad movie (or Mythbusters) or perhaps start an earthquake ala Tesla.

Now I’m curious-- what would most woofers use it for?

Replacement sanding pads???

Used one of these to cut off door jamb and trim when putting in a floor that was thicker than original, plunge cut hole in drywall to move an outlet, sanding top of post (similar to a palm sander, but smaller for more detailed work), cut off nails to remove electrical box in wall, etc…lots of uses for the home handyman, or woman in my case.

I don’t use the sanding feature often but do use it to cut, mostly wood in tight places where other saws won’t fit and/or you need to be precise. I never go to a job without it and have given them as gifts to my 2 sons. It’s the tool that you didn’t know what you did before it. Simply spectacular.

I haven’t used this brand but there is one major issue people need to consider when purchasing these tools and that is buying new blades.

If you use it much (and they do come in VERY handy) you will go through blades fairly quickly. Some blades are better than others but you will pay dearly for them. I prefer to find about the cheapest I can and just replace them rather than suffer with dull ones.

Please note - blades of ANY kind will not be cheap. But the tool is still worth it if you do much home repair or remodeling.

It’s used for sanding in very tight places (metal as well as wood), scraping almost anything off of just about anything located almost anyplace and cutting (metal, wood or anything) AND THIS IS WHERE IT REALLY SHINES! You can cut a piece of wood while it’s in place. As an example, you can cut a length of molding while it’s still attached to the wall without damaging the wall, or cut a ledger board to make a counter fit without removing the board or the counter. Saves a lot of time and effort…don’t you think?

Based on the size, specs, features, etc. this tool is a kissing cousin to the Rockwell Shop Series oscillating tool that was offered here on Woot not too long ago. The Rockwell was a little more pricey, but you had the choice of either a 16- or 48-piece accessory kit that came with it, plus the recognition of a well-known brand name.

The only apparent difference between this Force unit and the Rockwell Shop Series is the body overmold and the colors. The mounting system appears identical so Rockwell (and Rockwell compatible) accessories should work nicely.

To alleviate any additional fears, you can easily find an adapter that will let you fit blades with the other popular style mount directly onto this tool without any problems.

So far with my oscillating tool (I purchased the Rockwell) I have precision cut cabinet and door trim, removed grout and broken tiles from a backsplash, sanded smooth epoxy putty I used to fill in chipped floor tiles and a marble sink top, did some plunge cutting for a few art projects (it is incredibly precise), installed new electrical boxes in walls and cabinets for additional outlets, and cut out an old outlet box that I replaced.

Overall an excellent tool for precision cutting, detail sanding, and fine grinding. It doesn’t make much of a mess and is very easily controlled for close work so you can worry less about ancillary damage.

Here is the link to the Rockwell previously offered:

You can see the uncanny similarities with the Force tool. Also, if you look closely at the Rockwell pictures of the accessories, you can see the adapter collet for different blade mounting patterns (looks like a heavy washer).

Cheers - Jon651

Thanks for the answer. It sounds like a builders Swiss Army knife. It sands and cuts metal and wood in small spaces. Now I understand the name.

Thanks for the answer. You make it sound very useful for home repair.