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I think the forum pagination is screwed up.

For example, I can see Mr. gwp’s post in PWA only if I screw around with the page number in the address bar. works, but doesn’t.


Wow. Page 98 seems to have become page 100 (somehow), and I’m scared.


It’s the end of the world, Mr. gwp!

Hold me!


Yep. If you click the link and start incrementing the page number, you will eventually get to the correct page. Freaky.


Spell that out slowly, please.


Lady Poof,
In the list of threads on the main EBW page, if you click on the little message icon for the last message posted in PWA (which right now is a post by Mr. Cruzer), you are taken to some page in the past of PWA, and you should see something like the following in your browser’s address bar:

See the part where it says “PageIndex=98”? Change that to “PageIndex=99” and it takes you to the next page. Change it to “PageIndex=101” and it’ll take you to the last page (as of right now).

edit: Mr. Gman just posted in PWA, and I posted after him.


What he said. Sorry, had to deal with a phone call.


Thank you both. I was about to go into withdrawal.


Why is this thread working??


Mr. Gman,
I think the problem is caused by a doubling of Ms. Acemom’s posts, which has messed up the pagination. Since Ms. Acemom has never posted here, there is nothing to mess up.


Because there are no posts here for ace to be doubled and screw up the pagination.
edit: doh…what No1 said.


Hmmmm . . . that means acemom is a virus!!!

“What are you doing, Dave?” ~ HAL 9000


The movie quote thread is over there.


context is everything


Wake me when this glitch is fixed . . . g’night.


night. No books tonight?


Was it Acemom who was saying son was getting sick? (I’d go back and check but the pages are a PITA). If so, that’s really freaky…

Doorbell… First trick-or-treaters.




only busted on threads where one “Acemom” had all of here posts doubled. This causes the paginator function to truncate newer posts.


Could someone kindly explain to me what the hell has happened and why there’s a new probo? And why the hours are 71 in some forums but 94 in others???

The ghosts have attacked WOOT!