Four Seasons In One Day

Another seasons one? It’s actually pretty cool@

Canada’s new flag?

but, omg, I love this one! Gaahhh…what’s a girl to do?

Last wooter to woot: turtlegir1

grrr. :slight_smile:

But I live in Texas and we only have 2 seasons: hot and really hot.

Four seasons in a day would make for one crazy day!

Just stopped by to say kudos for the King reference

I do like and appreciate this shirt, but I’m a little disappointed that two of the three shirts in this derby relate to seasons.

My only complaint with the aesthetics of this shirt is that the leaf in the middle is way too pronounced. But other than that, cool design!

This one is waaaay better than the 1st place shirt. Congrats to pixelpants.

I love the view of looking up thru the trees. Nice trompe-d’oeil effect.

It’s like looking up in the shirt from the other day. Very nice.

This derby makes it clear that voters like trees.

Future presidential candidates would be wise to make a note of this fact.

That’s how it feels on the whole east coast right now, too!

^ like ^

i enjoy how the shirt captures the balance of each season…
eternal anything would be a pity

Reminds me of the Click-Clock Wood level from Banjo-Kazooie

Congratulations Pixelpants! In for 1! Love this design so much; never been so hopeful for a derby entrant before as to wait up all night to see if it won. Thank you thank you thank you voters!

Looking up at tree branches always reminds me of the opening scene of Lost.

This shirt is… really really pretty.

Congrats on your second win!