FreedomPop Phone LG G2

Hi Woot! So great to be back here with a new deal for our Free Phone Service with a wide selection of Android phones. For those of you unfamiliar with FreedomPop service, I’ve included our top FAQs below (along with a link to a more expanded set). I’m happy to answer any questions in this thread or through PM!

** 1. Is FreedomPop really free?**
Yes, by activating on the 100% free, you’ll be able to get 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of data for free each and every month. Just buy the phone and you’ll never have to pay another phone bill again. Upgrading to unlimited talk & text is only $10.99/month.

** 2. What network does FreedomPop use? **
FreedomPop uses Sprint’s 4G LTE and 3G networks. Calls and texts are made through FreedomPop’s VoIP messaging app, so you must have a data connection in order to send/receive calls and texts. Go to to view the full coverage. As a way to save your free data allotment, you can also connect to any local WiFi network, such as the one in your home or work.

** 3. What do I do after receiving my phone? **
After you get your FreedomPop phone, please go to Activate | FreedomPop. Enter in the MEID of your phone, along with your desired email address to be associated with your FreedomPop account. Follow the steps to get fully activated. You will select your FreedomPop phone number during the activation process.

To see an even more expanded FAQs, please check out this page of the FreedomPop Community Forum! Hope everyone has a great day!

I bought one a while back and had quite a time getting Freedom Pop to stop charging me a monthly fee. It took months. I use my phone more as an “iPod” than a phone.

They finally did, but I had to keep my old cell because the service wasn’t very good. I couldn’t hear and the person I called couldn’t hear me either (and we were in a close range each with 4 bars). Has the service gotten any better? I would like to upgrade my phone and use it as my primary cell, but I’m afraid to.


can I use other networks

I have basically the same question – can the device be used overseas with a SIM card from a local provider?

read the community forum Q&A:
7. Are these phones Unlocked? How can I take my phone elsewhere?
While these phones will arrive ready to be activated on FreedomPop, they can be activated on Sprint and other Sprint MVNOs (AT&T, Verizon, etc. will NOT work). If you wish to go about this process, you will first need to contact FreedomPop Customer Support before being able to activate it on a different carrier.

Please note that if you move service to a different phone carrier, then your 90-day standard FreedomPop warranty may no longer be valid.

2 Bad experiences. Stay away. Freedom Pop BAD

Can you say more about your bad experiences?

I had negative experience with Freedompop. I didn’t get the service I was offered and when I tried to change it I couldn’t get through to customer service. They tried to charge a friend’s account for my phone. The iPhone I ordered through them was defective with no mic that they denied sending. I couldn’t make calls only text and use data. They denied the defective phone. It took so long for them to send it to me the time to comtest it through my credit card company lapsed. I had to go through the state attorney generals office to get a refund. You ask if I would order service through freedom pop again and the response would be, “no, never again.” If you want to save money try scratch wireless or republic.

Freedompop refurbished devices have greatly improved. I have been using Freedompop since they first launched. Some of the early devices were not as refurbished as they could be, and shipping times were excessive. They used to use WiMax… The devices I ordered recently have arrived in like new condition and in a timely manor. They now use Sprint LTE. The devices have improved the service is better, and the apps are better.

The LG G2 is a nice phone & a good price considering you get a 90 day warranty. I don’t have any association with Freedompop, just sharing my experience. Don’t let the haters scare you off a good deal.

I ordered a phone from FreedomPop two weeks ago, and the website shows shows they are allocating the device. I can’t speak for the service, since I’ve never received a phone.

Can anyone explain/clarify the mode of this particular G2 (i.e. is is the 800, 801, or 802 model?). I know the FreedomPop FAQ says it won’t work on AT&T, but doesn’t the phone itself support both GSM and CDMA?

I’d like to give FreedomPop a try, while still be able to fall back on my AT&T GoPhone acct. in case the coverage is bad for my usage. Will any of the phones in this sale give me this option?

Freedompop is a really decent offering if you realize the following few things: 1)The service will vary greatly because of the area. Don’t assume that because you are within the coverage map that you will have great service. I live in Fort Wayne, IN and it does pretty well 2)If you do a lot of talking on the phone this is not for you. It’s kind of like VOIP over a data line, so call quality isn’t great. If your signal is weak, you might not even be able to hear/understand the caller at all 3)The texting is like the free-text apps, If you text a picture to someone, they receive a link to the picture. Other people can’t text you pictures- it just doesn’t work because I don’t think their messaging supports MMS. 4) You can’t associate ringtones to certain contacts

Look- bottom line is, if you sign-up correctly (and watch the fine print) the service is free. For free you can’t complain if the area where you live has decent service with Freedompop. I bought this (actually it was the Nexus 5) for my 10-year-old son to have. The phone I received looked brand new and works great. If you need a cell phone as a back-up, for a kid, or if you just can’t afford regular cell service- this is a great deal. Just don’t try and compare this free service to a $100/month cell phone service and you’ll be fine.


It’s more complicated than just putting in a new sim.I’m assuming the model of this phone is a Sprint variant. Read this

Somethings like LTE won’t work and other things don’t always work quite right.

1 bad experience here. The phone had a boot error, the map showing coverage in my area was simply not true. There ain’t no free lunch.

“Don’t assume that because you are within the coverage map that you will have great service.”

What part of “coverage” do they not understand when showing a map?

So it’s really a hot-air and wishful thinking map.

Our service (and especially voice quality) has great improved over the past year. We have a new value-added service called Premium Voice, which directs calls the Sprint Voice (rather than VoIP) when your data throughput is low. New updates to the FreedomPop Messaging App (in the Google Play store) help too! Please PM me if there’s any issues on your account.

If there are any remaining issues on your FreedomPop account, please PM me here and I’ll try to help you out.

I’ve seen you comment in other FreedomPop threads. I asked you to PM me so I could investigate your case, but never got full details. Please PM me if you’d like me to take a look and try to help out.

Please PM me your order information (order #, email address) and I’ll take a look for you and make sure it ships.

I have been using FreedomPop for one year now with a Samsung Galaxy S4, and I have not paid a penny for cell phone service in a year.

I use Google Voice/Hangouts for everything and it works flawlessly, even with slow data connections, the call quality is really good. I don’t use the native VOIP app so I can’t comment on the quality of that. I switched to GV a long time ago to keep from having to port numbers all the time.

I did have an issue once but I called customer service and they sorted it out. I had to wait on hold for about 10 minutes but the rep fixed my issue in less than 5 and he even gave me some free data for my trouble. I didn’t even have to ask.

FP is not as simple as paying $150 a month to ATT or Verizon, but for free, it’s pretty damn awesome.

6 months with a Note 2 and this has been my experience as well. Also went with porting my main number to Google Voice to avoid the possibility of losing my number for some random reason, and hangouts is great for calling. I’m in for a G2 for something slightly smaller and newer (relatively!)