Furhaven Cat Tree Clubhouse Playground

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Furhaven Cat Tree Clubhouse Playground
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Where’s the 15" x 15" private, plush condo clubhouse and the dangling mouse toy? Model shown seems to not match description.

Are the tubes cardboard or “compressed pine”?

They are cardboard wrapped with carpet or twine. I bought this a few years ago and it took a couple of years for the cats to get down to the cardboard. I’m ready to replace it.

Pictures don’t match the description. Search amazon for the “clubhouse” style.

As described: https://www.amazon.com/Furhaven-Pet-Clubhouse-Playground-Furniture/dp/B01HDCF7XW?th=1

As pictured: https://www.amazon.com/Furhaven-Furniture-Kittens-Double-Playground/dp/B01GSHQMJQ?th=1

But who knows which one you’ll get!

Dangling mouse: If cat is interested in it, it will stay attached for like 5 minutes tops. Spring ball is still alive after 8 months. Twine was pulled from glue after 4 months.


Sent a note to support over the mismatch. They flagged the item for review and said to watch out for the listing to update later today.

If this item is only 46" tall, then those must be micro-cats.

I really hope it’s actually the taller “steps” and they just reused the other product’s description.

Le sigh. Now we wait, cuz I think the described item is uggo.

Picture and description not matching and logging in with Amazon Prime does NOT eliminate the shipping charge as stated.
C’mon Woot, get your act together, please.

This is one of the ones where you have to put it together, right? And some of the heads of the bolts are exposed, and the holes may or may not be where they’re supposed to be?

How does this one go together? The last one I bought, while it did finally assemble, has some things I’m unhappy about, including exposed screws and a slightly wobbly level that I cannot get as stable as I’d like. (Yeah, it’s safe enough for the cats because of how I’ve positioned it in the room, but in the wrong position it and the cat would go tail over teakettle in the middle of one of their chase games.)


As many of you noticed, we messed up. The photos were incorrect for this sale. The descriptions were correct.

If you already ordered, we’ll be emailing you to give you the option to keep or cancel.

We’re very sorry for the Monday mess-up.

Almost bought two to replace two Armarkat trees we bought from Woot about 2 1/2 years ago … until I saw these trees are only 46" tall (the Armarkats are 70" and were cheaper).

I might still snag one for a different room once the product discrepancy is cleared up.

Aww… it’s not the steps. :frowning:

Sad trombone.

Send them a note - they charged me shipping once and then refunded it to me once I brought it to their attention. They were extremely responsive and quick to reverse the charges.

You know what my biggest disappointment in all of this is?

Knowing these are stock images of these products and no one at Woot had to wrangle and artfully pose any cats.

Hi there. Picture is corrected.

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Have you have a cruel side, don’t you. LOL