Gamo Varmint Stalker Deluxe Air Rifle

Let it be known that you don’t have to just stalk varmint with this gun, you can actually shoot them…and your eye out, kid.

“No, you’ll shoot your eye out.”

Uhh. Would this be a good first practice gun? And use to scare off yotes? No real bullets right?

$130 for a recoil pellet gun?



Eye shoot out you will.

How can this be shipped to CA but not to NJ? Bah…
Anyway, does this have to go through a FFL Dealer?

No FFL dealer necessary, as it’s not a “firearm”. If you live in a state to which it can be shipped, it’ll ship right to your door.

I also love the fact that they follow the rules for Illinois on Woot, but I bought a very similar pellet gun… which I’m not supposed to be able to purchase in Illinois without a FOID card, off of the main site and it shipped right to my door. LOL

It has to do with the feet per seconds of the projectile.

This is a very high quality air rifle, but you can pick up a Crosman Phantom with almost identical specs at Wally World for $80 online. Also the scopes that come with these guns tend to be pretty crappy. Better to save the money up front and buy a quality scope later.

This is NOT a toy. This is NOT your typical BB/pellet gun. This is a serious weapon. I own several air-rifles. If you have a problem with rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks etc., you can pop 'em from your back door with nary any noise. Great pest control without ‘disturbing’ your neighbors.

This is a very good value. I got one through woot two months ago.
The scope that comes with it is a fixed 4 power model. I thought I might miss the typical 3x9, but 4 power is perfect for the shots you will use this rifle for. The scope quality is better than I expected.
This IS NOT a toy. Single shot rock chuck kills are common.

Here it was last time

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[youtube=YjwW83z_eKo] [/youtube]

Did someone ask for a youtube video demo? no? rats.

I’d also like to let it be known that I was the first person to do an “A Christmas Story” joke on sport.woot and was very disappointed when none of you guys got it >:C so I’m done with shooting your eye out jokes forever.

Woot seriously needs to check that shipping to NY thing. The zip codes they say are off limits do include NYC (as it should legally), but it also includes half of Nassau county - which has ZERO restrictions or laws against shipping air rifles in.

I bring it up every time, but every single time it is the same.

Zip codes 11530, 11520, 11001, etc… all fall under that blanket and all are in Nassau where it would be perfectly legal to own, purchase, or ship the air gun to.

I guess you didn’t notice the banned zip codes in addition to the list of banned states. It lists zip codes 94101-96970 along with others. I live in CA and my zip code is banned! More foolishness from the CA government!!! It is really stupid that I can buy a REAL firearm here, but not an air rifle!!! Stupid damn CA politicians!!!

Looks like just no Nor Cal
Says doesn’t ship to 94101-96970
Which is pretty much Northern California. They always say it’s like two states, guess so. So is there some law that limits it to just half the state?

You guys need to come join a free state were people literally laugh out loud at the notion of an airgun being restricted and we still have a lower crime rate.


I know… we’ve got a nice house in california, good jobs, but we’re looking for work in Ohio or Texas. The government here in Cali is so ridiculous and corrupt we can’t take it any more. They’re actually adding open carry of unloaded shotguns in public to the long list of things that are banned here. :frowning:

You’d do a better job of scaring off varmints by using a starter pistol. These pellets(depending on distance, of course) can penetrate flesh. If your intent is to scare, they make almost no noise. There are better, cheaper tools for that.

Because they are selling a gun or because they are asking too much?