Garmin vivosmart HR Bluetooth Fitness Band

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Garmin vivosmart HR Bluetooth Fitness Band
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This is what I switched to after my Fitbit died (yet again) and they refused to warranty their product. I’ve been wearing it for a while now and it still works great. The device and band are both in great shape and I can wear it in the shower. The only thing I don’t like is I can only set one daily timer instead of multiple timers but I can work around that. This is a great product and holds up very well. If you’re looking for a fitness tracker, I recommend this one.

Does this pair with the Garmin ANT+ heart rate chest strap?

I have an older vivo and like the chest strap tracking because I’ve heard “not so good” things about wrist-based HR monitors

I do not believe it does, here in the online manual on the WWW.

DC Rainmaker’s review is here

The tracking is pretty decent. I used to think that all wrist based HR monitoring was awful. At the recommendation of DC Rainmaker, I tried the Scoche unit, and was very impressed. My Garmin FR 235 works very well.

When working (big if) chest are better, but they have their own problems, and are a PITA to wear (I used to get awful rashes)

I bought this same refurb on Woot in April 2017. The band on my Microsoft Band 2 had just cracked, and I moved to the Garmin along with a new Android phone. I have been extremely pleased. I sometimes can’t feel that I’m wearing the unit as the band is so comfortable…and sturdy. I also like the step counter, the hr monitor, and the Garmin app. The sleep indicator isn’t as accurate…I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and do some work…it tells me in the morning that I never woke. The stair counter isn’t as accurate either. But all in all, I would buy this again…and you can’t beat the price.

Very happy with my vivosmart HR. The wristband broke on mine after 14 months, and when I sent them an email asking about where to get a replacement band, they offered to replace it with an ‘out of warranty’ complimentary replacement.

That sounds odd to me, so I assumed they had a lot of complaints about the strap. I didn’t argue, and they sent me a replacement in under a week.

Unit performs well, although I turn off the HR monitor and most app updates. Since HR monitor isn’t on I get over a week of battery life easily. I think the longest was about 10 days, but I usually charge before the battery gets low.

The buzzing alarm wakes me up each weekday, and the reminder buzz every hour if I’m just sitting still is very nice.

I paid $100+ for this unit 15 months ago, and consider it money well spent.

Love my Vivosmart HR. It’s soo comfortable, I forget I’m wearing it until it beeps at me if I’ve been idle too long! I paid $100 for mine new 9 months ago. No problems with the band at all. This is an excellent deal for a new unit as stated.

Is this just the “Regular” size? And if so, probably too small for a larger man’s wrist?

Yes, looking at the specs, it’s a regular.

Purchased this around April. Had a Moto360 but too many bells and whistles and too short a battery life. Battery is lasting a week, easy connect w/bluetooth to phone for email/text/call notification and it stays connected. Glass is scarred from not taking it off while working on the truck. Band hasn’t cracked. Still waterproof. Only issue is it tells me I am climbing stairs while driving, reading, sitting etc.