GBH Men's Assorted Pique Polo Packs

GBH Men's Assorted Pique Polo Packs

Once again with the random grab bag shirts, once again I’m not buying. If you’re watching the thread, hold the “don’t worry, we won’t send you 4 yellow shirts :grinning: :grinning:” reply because that’s not what we’re concerned about OR saying. the best part about that was last time there wasn’t even a yellow shirt pictured, which made it seem like even more of a shady non-answer.

It was just an example of a distinctive color that nobody would want 4 of…allow me to rephrase “don’t worry, your not going to receive 4 pink shirts :).

lol, my point is more that no one ever thought we’d get 4 of the same, but we also don’t want 2-3 unknown picks of your overstock colors and one neutral… if I ordered this right now and got, say, mint, pink, bright red and black, that would be 3 shirts I’d never ever wear.
make some sets where you throw one unpopular color in there to get rid of it and I’ll go right back to buying them, some of the ones I got last time I could pick colors are getting worn out, 2 years later.

Are these moisture wicking and wrinkle free like the dried fit?
I typically wear XL-2xl which would I want? Xl usually fit, but I find them short.

no XL = :frowning:

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no they are not moisture wicking, they are classic cotton blend pique polos.

If you like it slim-fit, go with XL…If you prefer it to wear comfortably, I’d go 2XL.

For me, I got 3XL and they fit tighter than any other 3XL shirt I had, so take that with a grain of salt.

How does the word pique play into shirts? They irritate? They stimulate?

I know you’re joking but if you’re interested.

These shirts shrunk. If you’re going to order, order a size larger than what you wear.