GE 5.8GHz Dual Handset Cordless Expandable Phone



really, who needs these when almost everyone has cellphones?



GE 5.8GHz Dual Handset Cordless Expandable Phone

  • $5 shipping


$50 for a land-line cordless phone?

Does it call back to 1996 when I might actually have bought this?


Thanks woot but I use vonage and only need 1 phone. besides It requires me to get up when the cell phone sits next to me


Some prices…

Correction… (Thanks Dutchhater)
SecretPrices has them grouped together…
Dual-set - $59.95 and up (see Web Stores America)
Single-set - $39.99 or $29.49 (marketplace/open-box only)

Froogle from $59.99

Couldn’t find listed on PriceGrabber


seems like not great of a deal, 50 bucks for a phone? no thanks woot


can you hear me now?


No land line, no thanks.


is there an intercome between the two phones? whats the battery life like?


To provide you an answer " Do people still use these things" NO


Meh, we just got 5.8 GHz cordless phones for pretty much the same price. What makes this better? Enhanced voice clarity? Mind readin capabilities?



I need a new cordless phone, but I need one with an answering machine.

Too bad this one didn’t have an answering machine…or else I would’ve wooted.



Will this work okay with my Airport network? Or will there be conflicts…


If I have these can I call myself?? Otherwise they of no use to me, since no one ever calls me…


5.8GHz won’t interfere with your WiFi network!! Most cordless phones are 2.4GHz and cause problems on networks below channel 11.


Shopzilla Link… 5 stores… from $77

Yahoo Shopping… 1 store… $59

BizRAte Link… 3 stores… from $60

Consumer Electronics page…

Turns out that this is an amazing deal… but a PHONE??? Seriously, do people still use regular phones. I haven’t had a “land line” at my house for almost 3 years. Who needs it. Besides… WORLD CUP STARTS FRIDAY!! Excuse me if I miss a woot here or there, but I probably won’t.


cell phones are cheaper! and they can go ANYWHERE… no thanks woot!


just like the description says…who uses a landline?



Cheapest froogle is about the same price…