Generic BT-407 Bluetooth Headset – 2 Pack

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Generic BT-407 Bluetooth Headset � 2 Pack
$11.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 Generic BT-407 Bluetooth Headset

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Generic? Is that the brand name? Someone actually named their company Generic?

Wait. Is Generic the brand name or just a general statement?

One for each ear, now I can look like a super-dork!

Anyone know what type of phones/brands these work with? Do they work with all?

anyone know how the quality of these are? Are all Bluetooth headsets built the same? I just lost my Motorola one (and I loved it), will this get me the same quality? I have to wonder at this price…

** Reviewed at only 3/5 stars:**-----

“Paired first time, and all functions work, but the sound quality is really bad, both talking and listening. Would not recommend this headset, I’m sending it back.”

description and specs
**Melding performance and comfort, this Huey Chiao Bluetooth Headset features up to six hours of talk time and total mobility making it ideal for the active professional.

* Six hours of talk time or 250 hours standby time
* Voice dialing
* Reversible ear hook
* Intuitive, easy to use controls
* Two volume buttons
* Call button to handle incoming and outgoing calls
* Bluetooth Class 2 offers a wireless connection up to 30 feet
* Bluetooth 1.2 offers better call quality with less interference and faster connections
* Rechargeable battery Li-polymer

What’s the “real” range on these?

generic? wel I guess at least they aren’t sugar coating it…lol

I’m not too knowledgeable in these matters- could I get these and use them as a stereo headset with a bluetooth-equipped laptop?

Doesn’t the symbol on the earpiece look a little like the Procter and Gamble symbol? Put these in your ears and you will worship the devil.

Lost my Jabra I recently got here. Should I get these now too? Should I?

Should work with any bluetooth mobile phone.

does anyone know if its just for cell phones or can you use on the ps3

I cannot believe I stayed up for these…COME ON WOOT! I ALREADY HAVE ONE OF THESE I DON’T USE. DON’T NEED TWO MORE! To everyone. Unless you a huge geek freak and like to look like you are so important that you have to have WEAR your phone while shopping at Wal-Mart, Don’t waste your money.

Will these work in Stereo?


A Bluetooth headset is a bluetooth headset. If you need a cheap one, it’s worth it, might as well, if one breaks, you’ve got a spare :wink:

I on the otherhand love my Jawbone (yay for free giveaways ;))

It’ll work: just probably not all that great. But definitely as good as lets say the “low end” $35 model at your local big-box

well actually it will converge the channels (2/stereo) into 1 channel hence mono