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Germ Guardian Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier [Refurbished] - $44.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Germ Guardian R3010 Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier with Clock

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Aw man. I just bought my girlfriend a humidifier. If I had only known, I would have made her wait out her cold while woot shipped this awesome one to her. :frowning:

This looks perfect for my walk-in humidor.

What is the mechanism of warm mist delivery?

As far as I am familiar with ultrasonic humidifiers (owned a few, and still own some) - the mist is always cool. So how does it create warm mist? The warm mist involves some sort of water heating/evaporation? That means there’s hot water present in some quantities?

How safe would it be for kids bedroom then? Our doctor advised us against a warm mist unit for kids room…

$163.17 at Amazon for the H-3010, but looks the same as the R-3010.

Reports on the previous wooting say warm is not hot. My guess would be a heat plate similar to a CPAP, which takes the cold edge off.

We have two. It’s virtually silent and can put out a lot of moisture on the max. mode. It can even work as a nightlight. We swore off the filter/fan type of humidifier since they tend to be loud and sooner or later, dust will clog in the filter and with the ever present moisture, you will eventually get mold. You could clean and replace the filter, but sooner or later, you will forget. No such worry whatsoever with this one.

Common complaint heard during previous sales was flakey, scaly deposits but that comes from hard water.

Does digital humidity hurt, what with all those pointy pixelated water droplets?

Thanks, but what I really need is something to get rid of all this old fashioned Analog Humidity.

I own the same brand and a similar model (without the digital parts), about a year ago for our newborn, and it works great. For those asking, the warm setting is moderately warmer than the cool setting. I think it warms the water before it hits the ultrasonic disc.
This thing can definitely put out some mist, so be careful if you leave it in a room with the door closed.
BTW, I ordered another one to use in our bedroom when it is really dry outside.

dammit woot, ship to canada!!!1

I believe the “R” is for refurbished.


I believe you to be correct, again. Thanks.

Nice post from jting on May 6:

When I set the unit for warm mist, the water in the reservoir eventually becomes somewhat warm, but the mist doesn’t feel warm. I think there may be some heating element near ultrasonic plate and the heat eventually warms the water in the reservoir but the mist loses heat to the atmosphere relatively quickly so it never really feels warm.

On the other hand, cool mist feels pretty cool, so maybe the setting should be renamed “cool” and “not cool.”

All about humidifiers from the Mayo Clinic

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