Germ Guardian Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier

Would this work well to keep my bedroom humidified for my acoustic guitars?

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Had an ultrasonic humidifier once. Everything in the room got covered with a fine white powder. Never again. Steam is the only way to go.

How large of a room would this be good for? (And was that even close to being grammatically correct?)

In regards to fine white powder, this one apparently does not create that.

Here’s a review by someone who bought it at Target a while back:

*I’ve been through 5 different, and cheaper, ultrasonic humidifiers without any satisfaction.

Most of the lower cost ones made bubbling sounds, created a white dust on all the furniture, and quickly grew mildew inside the water tank.

The Germ Guardian works great, runs silently, does not produce white dust, and the tank is fresh smelling and mildew free.

It is well worth the cost.

The warm mist feature is warm enough to help with a cold but not hot enough to burn your hand, which is great around small children. The cool mist feature is perfect for dry noses, throats and eyes.

It’s just always the perfect temperature. And the feature to have it turn itself on and off automatically is very convenient.*

Nice post from jting on May 6:

Some additional discussion that’s helpful:

We have two of this model. We used to have fan-driven ones, but the filters got clogged up and molded. We checked fairly regularly because we knew that would happen, but “fairly regularly” doesn’t cut it, folks.

We bought both of them from Costco and have no complaint so far. It’s virtually silent, produces good vapor, and cleaning isn’t really an issue. And no filters, ever. I understand that if you have hard water, you may have mineral residue, but the problem is with the water, not the humidifier. Steam or fan humidifiers will require more frequent cleaning with hard water and you may need to change out the filters more often.

I had this problem with my humidifier, it wasn’t because of the humidifier, it was the water. I’m guessing hard-water, I switched to distilled water and the white powder stopped.

According to the troubleshooting section of the maintenance guide, white powder or dust can be caused by hard water or the tendency for dust to form more readily on moist surfaces. If possible use distilled water.

Beat me to it

I would not recommend this. Just bought two from the last deal in July. One is already dead and another one is not used daily. Contacted woot( since its weekend), hopefully will get a refund on this…

In for two because my GF was super sick one time and she needed one of these.

She ended up getting one at Walgreens that was a basic model. So she will like this one. (And she will think I’m so considerate to have thought of her in getting this, something she really needs.)

I got her one of those Woot Sanyo camcorders that just came up and now this. My XMAS shopping for her is working out nicely on Woot. Woot!

Sidenote: I bet these sell out early.

Only concern, these are refurbs. I dunno about that. Humidifiers can go kapoot easily, maybe I’ll do some research to find out how dependable this brand is.

I don’t want to get her this brand if it is going to break in a month or two.

All about humidifiers from the Mayo Clinic

YouTube video: Germ Guardian at Green Expo Media Event on


How long does the water last, I want to use it to keep my Cigars fresh that are not in Humidors

Square Trade Warranty is only $8 for one year, so I may do that.

Also, is this the latest model? I don’t see any reviews yet on Amazon, but they have reviews for other ones that look like it.

Here it is on Amazon, I think, for $100:

There is another [old-school free] way:

  1. Fill a plastic carton with water.
  2. Place carton in a corner of your room.

During the cold months when you have the windows closed and the heat on, the water in the carton will evaporate to balance the effects of the heat source in your household.

do you really need a humidifier? i’ve never had to use one…just curious~

One site said that the R-3010 and H-3010 are the same model, the “R” standing for “refurbished.”

The reviews on Amazon for the H-3010 are here and they are good, those complaining had gripes about the price: