Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men's Razor Blades

Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men's Razor Blades

I’m confused so double checking, each package is 8 blades, so this is effectively buying 8x8?

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Hmmmm. Good question. Let me ask.

Its cheaper every where else. It does not mention that 8 packs of 8 blades in each pack. BUYER BEWARE

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Any updates?

No. We have a lot of people on vacation today so not sure when I’ll hear back. :\

If this is indeed only 8 razor blades (and I’m pretty sure it is), this is NOT A DEAL! Momma has this exact same product for 16.89. And no, I don’t have a link cause I used the app. Search it up yoself.

Very disappointing Woot.

OH, and where’s my butter cake?

I’m huuuuuuuungry!

Are you people daft enough to think that $70 “list price” for 8 is actually for 8 individual cartridges?
OF COURSE it’s 8x 8-packs. Hell, ordering a single 8-pack directly from Gillette’s website is $18…

How do we know the “list price” given is accurate? We can’t even get a confirmation of what is being offered.

I have to say it’s pathetic we never got an answer to the question of quantity from anyone official. I’ve kept an eye on this listing and it’s been what? Two weeks with no answer??? Get it together

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Ordered this and just got four two-packs of razors…8 blades total. The original headline was very misleading with the language and the savings off list price. Disappointed.

Just got mine yesterday. Same here, much disappointment. It would have been cheaper to get 8 blades from Amazon at regular price than this 58% off deal from woot…

I just got mine in the mail as well and can also confirm it was only eight blades in the package total. Four two-packs. Headline was very misleading. Furthermore, the mothership has the eight count at 15.69 as of this post so it was not a deal at all. Very disappointed.