Giveaway! Enter here! Ends Monday 3/22/2021 [Ended]


Welcome to this week’s giveaway! This week it’s:


There will be FIVE (5) winners this week. Each winner will receive:

(1) $75 Gift Card * - Card will be sent via email

* The winners must have or will need to create an account in order to redeem the GC. The GC may only be used for purchases of eligible goods on or certain of its affiliated websites. The GC cannot be redeemed for the purchase of another GC. Except as required by law, the GC cannot be transferred for value or redeemed for cash. To redeem or view a GC balance, visit “Your Account” on . Amazon is not responsible if any GC is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission. If the GC is lost or stolen, it will not be replaced. See for complete terms and conditions. The GC is issued by ACI Gift Cards LLC, a Washington corporation. No expiration date or service fees.


To Enter

  • Post in this thread saying “Oh Woot! I want to buy ______” (fill in the blank) or whatever you want really.

  • Write a haiku if you want. I’m not allowed to test your skills other than being able to post.

:small_red_triangle: Do not post anything political or inappropriate in your entry. If an inappropriate post is selected, we will choose another one.

  • You MUST post right here in THIS thread. Posts on Facebook, Twitter, or any other place are not valid entries.

  • ONE entry per person. Users with multiple entries will be not be chosen.

  • You must enter before Monday, March 22, 2021 @ 4pm CT.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to scroll to the bottom to post. Look for this button on the right side and click it. BOOM!

Winner Selection and Notification

We will randomly pick a winner by taking the post count and getting a random number from good ol’ Microsoft Excel (trademark, copyright, protections, etc). That number is the permalink post number.

Winners will be notified on Monday via Private Message here on the forums and an email from CS. The CS email will go to the email address on your Woot! account, not your Amazon login email (if different) If you have a private message, you’ll see a number next to your avatar in the upper-right corner.

You have until that Wednesday at 12 noon CT to respond with your mailing address and stating that you agree to these stupidly long contest rules .

Did I say No Purchase Required to Enter? Legal says I have to say that.

Also, here the link again for all those long legal rules .


I’d love $75!

  • I like Daylight Saving Time
  • I like Standard Time
  • I don’t care which one, just stop switching between the two
  • I like ‘Time’ by Pink Floyd
  • 42

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Oh Woot! I want to buy supplies to help my favorite pet rescue organization! Pick me and let’s save some little furry butts together.


Excel will favor low post counts this week…


Oh Woot! I want to buy a nifty gigabit switch.

Oh Woot! I want to buy a fish tank to hypnotize my children and cats. And have fresh sashimi!

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my vice temptation
spending is content dreaming
guilty consumer


Oh Woot! I want to buy dry fit clothing for my upcoming Costa Rica trip to prevent any chafing of my Covid thighs!


“Oh Woot! I want to buy more WOOT! offerings.

Ohhh… I’ll take one…

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Oh Woot! I want to buy toys for my dog, books for me and movies for my husband.

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O! woot

WOOT! I want it all and I want it now

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Oh Woot! I want to buy an Onkyo 9.2 surround sound system with all the speakers and two powered subwoofers!! Oh Yeah Buddy!

Excel never picks low post counts

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I need more gym supplies to combat this covid bod : ).


Oh Woot! I want to buy Woot.

Oh Woot! I want to buy ALL THE THINGS!

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Give me money. Money me! Money now! Me a money needing a lot now.

Oh Woot! I want to buy all of the things!

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