Goody Smart Temp 1875 Watt Blow Dryer

Tell us about this hair dryer! I know some of you have one. :slight_smile:

I bought it from woot a few weeks ago for my wife and it is awesome! She loves it and it’s very high quality, especially at this price.

Also, it is the only dryer I’ve seen with the dial for the heat which is great and allows you more fine adjustment of the temp.

As a guy, I never thought I would be excited about a hair dryer, but this thing is super cool!

I bought this a while ago so I could leave a dryer at my BF’s house. I like it enough that I am considering switching it with my primary hairdryer at my house so I get to use it more often. I also recommended it to my roommate when her hairdryer died, and she seems to like it as well. It’s relatively quiet, and dries my curly hair quickly. I’ve never used it without one of the two attachments (concentrator or diffuser). As for the range of temperatures, I still pretty much just set it use hot, medium, and cool. It’s just by feel instead of by number, the same way my gas stove works.

Bought this last time it was up for $2 more. Cannot use it in several rooms because it causes the lights to flicker and makes everyone nauseated. It does work in one room downstairs without flickering, but was purchased for the upstairs bathroom. Have tried the other 2 hairdryers we have in all of the locations without the flickering lights.

Other than that, it works well and the heat dial is good, as we were going to use it on our 2 yr old.

I bought 2 last time around and I am not as happy as I thought I would be. It works well, like the settings, it is quiet but the power is not there. I like it to blow hard and it is not doing this. So it seems to take longer to dry my long hair. I wish I didnt order 2!! I thought they would be powerful like my old one but they are not. I will continue to use it and just be patient on the drying time. For the money you cant beat it!

I purchased this a while back and love it! I have long very thick hair and this dries it a lot faster than my old dryer. The settings are nice and it is pretty quiet. Have not had any problems with flickering lights in the house.

Bought three on 11/20/2012 for $9.99 each and I thought that was a great deal! Go for it! It’s quiet and dries my long hair quickly. I gave one to my older sister and one to a younger sister. Five sisters…maybe I should buy three more. :slight_smile:

I got one for my girlfriend and she loves it.

$34.99 at with some very solid reviews.

you did notice this at the bottom of all of the reviews right ?

Oh no! $2 cheaper than I paid for it a while back! I do love it, though…definitely recommend. I don’t even use the attachments because I’m lazy and I don’t think I’d do it right. It’s fine without the diffuser or other thingy

“1875 watts”

A standard US 120v circuit is 15amps. 15amps x 120volts = 1800 watts.

Yes there are 20amp circuits but they’re not anywhere that someone would be drying their hair. Besides, they use a different plug.

Regardless - the most powerful this thing can be is 1500 watts. That’s an Underwriters Laboratories regulation.

I wanted a hair dryer to uhhh, dry my hair, and warm/melt some Murray’s Pomade for my pomp. It works excellent (and that’s a word I don’t throw around lightly). It can get warm super quickly, and without smelling like an old furnace (my favorite part). Also I’m really glad it has a hanging loop on the end of the handle, I use a 3m pull-strip hook to keep it out of the way from being clutter.

Two thumbs up.

This sold for 2 dollars more during Yesterdays Woot off…and supposedly sold out! I am saying Hogwash!

I would so buy this for this price right now…but damn…now I don’t feel so trusting…

We will sometimes end a sale early in the woot-off so it wasn’t necessarily sold out.