Google Nest WiFi Router 3-Pack (2nd Gen)

Google Nest WiFi Router 3-Pack (2nd Gen)

This is 3 of the 2200 routers right? Just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t 1x 2200 and 2x 1200s. Thanks!

Yep, looks like they’re all routers. It’s this thing:


Just an FYI to people looking into ordering these.

One of the biggest selling points for this system for me (if I was going to upgrade soon) was that the Google Nest Points also act as Google Smart Speaker. As @ThunderThighs stated, this is a 3 pack of Routers, ONLY.

So if you’re looking for the Smart Speaker Satellites, do not buy this.

That being said, this mesh system looks awesome and if I didn’t just buy the Orbi setup last year I would consider getting this. I would seriously consider getting this right now if it were 1 Router and 2 Points. We’re currently an Alexa household but I got 2 Nest Home MIni’s for free when I bought a Nest Hub for my mom for Christmas. If this came with 2 Points I could replace most of the Echo Dots and switch to Google.

And now that I’ve gone down the rabbit hole, I see that the set is $350 in the Google Store for 1 Router and 2 Points.

Even further down the rabbit hole, if you buy it from the Google Shopping App it comes down to $339.99 from a vendor call “eLGeo”. Interestingly it says "Save 16% with an original price of $407.99 crossed out next to it. I guess it’s eLGeo’s price for it…

more of question before I pull the trigger
. I currently have 2 google gen 1’s and a google OhHub. Will these work as add-ons to my existing setup?

From the Google Store

Says it’s backward compatible with Gen 1 so you should be good.