Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL--VZW/GSM Unlocked

Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL--VZW/GSM Unlocked

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I have had a Pixel 2 for about six months, and I am extremely happy with it.


Anyone have any experience with a refurbished phone through a Woot deal?

So how does this work if I already have a Verizon phone. Should I just be able to move my SIM card to the Pixel 2 and that’s it?

“VZW” means Verizon Wireless, so you should be good to go. You can call Verizon if you want to be 100% certain.
You might want a new SIM card anyhow, if the one you have is very old… it may not support some of the new services. Verizon can tell you that as well.

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Can we get confirmation a few things?

  1. Description mentions the USB-C - 3.5 mm adapter, but the “In the box” doesn’t include it.
  2. Since this is not manufacturer refurbished, and most likely that the screen/battery have been replaced, is the IP67 rating for water resistance still in effect?
  3. Specifically the XL’s pOLED, have the screens been replaced and color shift recalibrated to remedy the blue tint, screen burn-in, and sRGB accuracy issues?
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Third party refurbished units.
The one I bought once was DOA out of the box because “water damage detected in charging port” was displayed with the phone off and plugging in the cord to charge.

Also, the wall adapter and USB-c cord are generic and you may get slower charging.

Or everything will be perfect and give you many years of happy use. Problem is, with the lack of quality control and warranty, you just don’t know what you are going to get.


Ermm how is this a deal? A previous generation, refurbished phone with a 90 day warranty…Woot pleassssseeee.


Stop lying to us, Woot! :angry:

These are NOT unlocked. Verizon locks ALL their phones. There are two locks on an Android phone. There’s carrier lock (so the phone can’t be moved to a different carrier), these aren’t carrier locked. Then there’s bootloader lock. THESE ARE BOOTLOADER LOCKED PHONES. You can’t call a phone “unlocked” unless there are no locks. These phones are not unlocked.

One of the selling points of Pixel phones is the ability to download and install different versions of Android. Did an update break something? You can revert to the previous version by downloading it from a Google website. BUT YOU CAN’T DO THAT ON THESE PHONES, BECAUSE THEY’RE LOCKED.


That’s some fancy “refurbishing” if they didn’t even bother to do the very first thing on a reputable refurber list!

But at least being a Pixel, at these are some of the very few Android phones where you can be confident you’ll get more than one or two Android version updates. (The Google-connection).

Yeah, this isn’t a very good deal.

This isn’t a great deal IMO. You can buy a brand new Samsung SO for $519 on Amazon.

Unlocked usually only refers to carrier support. It’s not carrier locked. Normies don’t even know what a bootloader is so “unlocked” never refers to that.


Nope. Unlocked refers to unlocked. Verizon phones are not carrier (“SIM”) locked, and never have been. And as part of their purchase of “Block C” spectrum, they agreed to an FCC requirement not to do so in the future.

So, there’s no need at all to mention carrier unlocking for Verizon phones. The only locking Verizon does is bootloader locking.

These are not unlocked phones.

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To add to what mikes123 has said, if you want to root your phone, these won’t work. There’s no workaround for the locked bootloader. Buy one from Google if you want to root.

I love my Pixel. As a photographer I almost never used my phone’s camera before, but that’s all changed now. I’m blown away at how good the Pixel camera is (and I assume the Pixel 2 is at least as good–my son has one).

As a person who never liked Samsung’s heavy-handed software package or the physical home button, and demanded a 5" form factor with great specs, Pixel is the golden ticket.

If this is the verizon model, then this isn’t a great deal at all, especially refurbished. What is it with Woot selling verizon model phones? The normal ‘google edition’ would be much better. Verizon models are usually cheaper than the rest and are usually have a locked bootloader to where they can’t be rooted, making them useless to me.

Hopefully someone from woot can confirm. I bought a refurbished Pixel XL (vzw/gsm unlocked) from woot earlier this year and I was able to unlock the bootloader and root. Did something change with the Pixel 2XL where that’s not possible?

everybody wants a pixel… look at those sales stats!!!

For the past few months/year, it seems WOOT has become the DUMPING ground for Verizon phones. And even if it’s UNLOCKED (not getting into the locked/unlocked debate), you will be LUCKY if the LTE data part of the phones banding will work with AT&T or TMO. Sure, it will work on GSM but good luck with the LTE banding compatibility. IF you want to chance the BRICKING OPTION, you can do the boot-loader/rom flash, or whatever tickles your pink, go for it. What’s $400+ before the holidays. :slight_smile:

Yeah…Bought an open box new one of XL’s with 128G for $450 on the release of the 3…

Nice Phone…price should be lower…here…My opinion…$490 free ship no tax new on Ebay today…