Google Pixel 3 or 3XL 64GB (Unlocked) (NEW) - Black

Google Pixel 3 or 3XL 64GB (Unlocked) (NEW) - Black

Jesus, Woot, are you kidding? The best cell phone product since “The Brick”??!?
Is that supposed to be some kind of funny reference to the fact the dozens and dozens of Pixel 3s have bricked themselves over the past few weeks, and Google is doing f#$k-all about it?

Nobody should buy these until Google takes full responsibility for all recently-bricked Pixel 3 phones AND finds the reason the problem is happening AND fixes it.


Based on the text afterwards, I think that it was a reference to physical durability.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

I guess you need to be of a certain age to get this joke. Our bad.


Call me when Woot gets the NoPhone.


make sure you get a case and screen protector for it if you buy it. these pixel phones are quite fragile compared to most every phone i’ve owned before them

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Locked Bootloader is NOGO for most. Verizon is only company these days that locks every bootloader. This has nothing to do with loading custom ROMs etc. but If I’m buying a device outright, I want full control… as simple as that.


It is not Woots fault if this happens. There hopefully will be a solution soon since the problem appears partially identified.

Have a 3a which seems not to have the same issue. But am also trying hard to dodge the OTA update. Had a Samsung (from Woot) that was nice until an OTA update also gave it the “black screen of death” that plagues some Samsung builds. Too often, it seems, updates are in reality, not ready for release.

Yep. I bought one with an unlockable bootloader for $219 here last month. I’ll probably move to a custom ROM when Android 12 ROMs drop next month just because of the inability to disable automatic updates with the stock ROM. I don’t want to wake up to a bricked phone from a stupid update. Not really worried about SafetyNet since I don’t use a ton of apps, I don’t play Pokemon Go, and I don’t eat McDonalds often enough to want to use that app.

this phone (pixel 3 black) have e-sim or not?
what carrier here?

I bought my Pixel 3 about when the 4 was coming out. Haven’t had any issues with it (knock on wood).

So far it has been a very strong performer. I’m just now starting to notice diminished battery life which is expected given the phone’s age and my typical usage patterns.

My only nit with it is the audio through the included USB-to-headphone dongle sounds a bit flat. Onboard speakers sound good. My Sony bluetooth sound cancelling headphones sound great with it. It’s just the audio through the dongle that sounds a bit meh.

This can be said for most modern phones. It’s not specific to the Pixel.

If you plan on using the wireless charging feature, be sure to get a case that explicitly says it is compatible with wireless charging.

What is the actual Model Number for these phones?

ATT (and their MVNOs) are dropping a LOT of phones early next year:

From what I can tell, this version of the phone might not be supported on ATT for much longer.

That document is mostly about 3G support which most carriers expect to phase out sometime in 2022. If AMPS/2G phase outs are any indication, I would expect 3G phase out to be extended. Note that Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile are still in the process of shutting down their 2G networks.

5G is still in deployment phase, and even then is not being used in rural areas.

No carrier has announced any plans to phase out 4G/LTE yet, even in places where they are deploying 5G. 4G/LTE is still more cost effective than 5G in rural areas.

That said, the Pixel 3 is more likely to stop receiving updates from Google before carriers drop them due to technology. Google only guarantees software updates for 3 years after a phone is released. Pixel 3 was released in 2018. We’re now in 2021, so we’re getting into that sunset period. Google has not announced anything official yet, but whether or not the P3 is able to upgrade to the next version of Android should be the big indicator.**

Edit - ** - See @dougpaw57 reply.

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We sold it in the past.



Just to be clear, had these had unlockable bootloaders, Woot! would have had a sale from me.

If you wish to sell these to the population most able to use them safely at this stage of their lifecycle, you’ll probably have to discount them some more.

But at least they told you up front that they are boot locked, so you didn’t have to go through the trouble of looking it up or taking a chance on buying only to be disappointed.

Me, myself, personally, have no interest in messing with the onboard software. These are not PCs. They are phones, and as long as it serves that purpose I would imagine most people would be perfectly happy with them.

The Pixel 3 is on the list to be updated to Android 12 the day it is released.

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Hello. There is no e-sim.
MFR #GA01284-US
these are T-Mobile carrier unlocked.