Google Pixel 3 64GB (Unlocked)

Google Pixel 3 64GB (Unlocked)

How long would be the device warranty?

Hello. We list warranties at the bottom of the features. This has:

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Is this a new cellphone?


Can be used in other countries?

Can this be used with google fi?

Yes, it can be used w/ google fi.

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Can someone help me understand why it matters if the bootloader is locked? That just means you can’t jailbreak it, right?

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To put it simply:

You can’t root it or install custom ROMs (firmware).

Once Google drops update support, there would be no more updates for it (including monthly security patches). Using a custom ROM would change that.

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We don’t have that information. Best to check with your carrier.

Do you have any other colors?

What is your refund policy?

Is this phone specifically designed (or optimized) for use with Google Fi?

They should say “Carrier Unlocked” then, since it’s not actually unlocked.


How is the call quality (voice quality) on this phone?

I really need a phone with excellent voice quality - like the old, dependable landline phones…

Here’s our return policy:

Regarding the locked bootloader, does this mean even when enabling developer options you would not be able to unlock the bootloader with USB Debbuging?

Does it boot up with some Verizon logo or something?


Though it doesn’t seem to big of an issue the inconvenience would be that the Pixel 3 stops getting supported after October 2021 (kind of what you already mentioned) and also if the phone were to brick for some reason (as Google Pixels tend to have bootloop issues), you wouldn’t be able to flash an official OTA Image of Android. I may pass up on this deal and get the 3XL that is currently on deal instead.

Thanks for your response!

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