Google Pixel XL 128GB (Unlocked)(Open Box)

Google Pixel XL 128GB (Unlocked)(Open Box)

Just picked up a new 3a XL for $280 via T-Mobile trade in.
Best Buy has other carrier deals.

I guess it’s the same vendor?

Probably but now with the corrected listing. :slight_smile:

We had bought 2 of these last month. One of them stopped charging and would not turn on. Called Google for the 1 year warranty and was told phone was out of warranty based on IEMA number and was not covered by Google. Woot did take it back and refunded our money.

Yes, we had an incorrect warranty listed last time we sold these. We’ve corrected it with this sale.

Hey woot,why are you even selling these. It seems every third one has a design flaw. I know you look for deals. But this is Chinese junk that is not worth the headache. Most stuff you sell is great .

So I have been told I am Dense, but what is the warranty if this is “New -Open box”? Is it a Google warranty or is it a " as soon as you open the box, and warranty is OVER" situation?

It’s new. The box was opened to remove the Google warranty info. It comes with a Woot warranty as noted at the bottom of the features.

A lot of people love the Pixel phone. Apparently you do not. :slight_smile: