Google Pixel XL 128GB (Fully Unlocked)(New)

Google Pixel XL 128GB (Fully Unlocked)(New)

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As it relates to the battery, it would be good to know roughly the production date for these phones, which could be anywhere from Q3 2016 to Q1 2018. Pretty good price though, and a rare “new” phone on Woot.


Hi there. We’re not exactly sure but the vendor sent this label in hopes that it would help.



Hey, black out that IMEI label. People can use the number and mark the phone as stolen.

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Thank you!

Ok, that software build, N0F26V, is February 2017. Thanks.


How do they still have “new” phones of the pixel XL when you can’t even find new pixel 2’s. I’m sceptical that these are freshly renewed off of a leased return.

Anyone have luck with this model on TMO or AT&T? Looks like its a GSM phone (didn’t see that anyware in it’s description/specs but the model number says it is. Just wondering.

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Can you please confirm if these are brand new in box phones and not refurbished? It’s also listed with a 1 yr warranty directly from Google. Is this accurate?

I’ve had bad experiences with refurb devices from Google and want to ensure I would be getting a new device.


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Yep, they are as stated. new with a google warranty.


Is this the Verizon version or the Play Store (direct from Google) version? Both are carrier unlocked, but only the Google version will have an unlockable bootloader.

You can unlock the bootloader on the verizon model: [How-to] Unlock bootloader on Verizon Pixel/XL | XDA Forums
It worked great for my wifes verizon pixelxl-128. It is unlocked and magisk is installed.

Appreciate the link. Have you downloaded any of the security patches? Does the unofficial unlock hold even after getting an OTA?

I would still like to know if this is a Verizon version or Google version, since this phone still has at least a year left of official updates plus a factory warranty I wouldn’t want to compromise that.

iirc when TT had the model data unblurred, I believe the device was a Google version as I did a few lookups of it.

Imma asking. :slight_smile:

Update: It’s a Verizon version.


Woot staff, can you add more black color version? I really want to buy it. thanks.

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I bought one of these when they were new, you don’t want to know what it cost.

Once you upgrade to Android 9.0 (Pie), Pixel XL is still a very responsive and functional phone, but be aware that monthly security updates are only guaranteed by Google through October 2019.

Keep in mind though that Android Q is currently being tested on OG Pixel/XL, so while that guaranteed table says one thing, reality is different.

I was reading through this. @ThunderThighs said it was Verizon branded one. I’m looking for the Google Fi one. Are they one in the same?

If you’re looking for one to use on Fi, then this would be okay.

Every US version of the Pixel can be used on ANY US carrier.

The online difference with the Verizon version, is that it cannot (easily) be bootloader unlocked (and subsequently rooted or custom ROM’ed).