Google Pixel/Pixel XL (Unlocked)(S&D)

Google Pixel/Pixel XL (Unlocked)(S&D)

I have been using this phone since day 1. It has a great camera, will be receiving Android 10, and still runs amazingly well. If you are in the market for a solid phone, get one.

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I just literally bought this on woot clearance yesterday at a much higher price. Ughhh

If I could be assured the battery was new, I’d be in for one as a backup phone. I loved my original Pixel, but had to trade it in after the battery started getting flakey after 2 years.

I used the original pixel with Google Fi. (Project Fi, at the time) Send me a PM if you have any questions about Google Fi. I’m not referring to anything in particular here. It’s not like this is a coded message or anything…


Same here - has battery been retested/replaced ??

Isn’t there a class action lawsuit on the first gen Pixel?


Mainly for the microphone issue.

Not all first gen Pixels were affected though.

Same. Well, actually, I didn’t get rid of it. It’s in a drawer.

But yeah, the battery life for mine got terrible lately. I probably could have just gotten it replaced, but getting a PH-1 was not that much more expensive.

The one you bought is a slightly different model that is Factory Unlocked. These are Verizon phones unlocked.

Any info about the battery? If confirmed to have a new battery, I’m in for two. We love our pixels. But I don’t want to spend this and get a useless battery.

The big thing with phones? The OS in this case Android. A few yrs ago, I had a ZTE Max & it was stuck on Android 4. I went ahead and bought a Lenovo Phab 2 direct from Lenovo for $150 thinking they would keep updating Android - Nope. So now I am looking for another phone that actually updates Android fast & current. Google is it. My grocery store’s app say you have to have at least Android 6 to work. I get that they want to make money & sell you a new phone - but come on. And I would pay a few dollars more to have a user replaceable battery vs having to be a rocket scientist to do it yourself.

Hi there. The batteries are tested and replaced if needed.

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Yes, but to participate in the claim you to have purchased it before 2017 something…
Mine never did experience the issues described in the suit.

Yeah, it was odd and disappointing. Not just discharging quickly, but it would straight-up die when it showed it had like 30% remaining.
Luckily, since it still technically worked, I got a decent trade price for it when buying a new phone through google fi.


I have this phone and I am on Beta 6 right for Android 10. Android 10 should last enough for 5 years worth of app support.

And then it was recycled back thru Woot to start over. And over. And over

I didn’t see anything about any warranty on these. Is there any?

Says it’s Verizon Unlocked, will it work on Cricket’s network since they use AT&T’s towers?

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty

Settlement: Google Pixel Class Action Lawsuit