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Welcome to the Gravis Eliminator Gamepad Pro topic page for Tuesday, November 16th. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Gravis Eliminator Gamepad Pro here.


I stay up late to get the #1 post in an online shopping forum. Huzzah.


GJ man ^^, you got me tonight!

Eat it Cyberlore

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time to celebrate a completed exam with cherry coke and the admiral



edit: damn …


Woot Rocks


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First page! WOOT! :lol:


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[color=darkblue:a2d5ce4f37][size=24:a2d5ce4f37]HAY GUYS, NO ONE HAS BID ON MY PUCKS YET! CLICK![/size:a2d5ce4f37][/color]




Racers to your Woot! :smiley:


front page?


I stayed up for this? :smiley:


I for one would like to see a nice digital camera for sale on woot. I take a lot of photos, especially on nights like Halloween. It would be nice to have an inexpensive digital camera small enough to carry around in your pocket with at least 3 mega pixels, a multipoint autofocus, an autofocus illuminator, a quick startup time, a fast frame advance rate, can be powered with AA rechargeable batteries, and doesn’t look grainy or blurry when used in low light. That’s not asking too much is it Snapster? Well, atleast I am not asking for a particular model or brand.

I have found some websites with digital cameras on sale for about a third of their retail price, but they were so low, that I didn’t know whether or not to trust the sites. If anyone knows about any resources to check them out, I would appreciate it. I would love to order the camera, but as the saying goes, “Let the buyer beware.”


no way



Thanks, but no thanks.