Green Junk Food



I bought my son a cupcake maker for Christmas. He’s tried it out already and loves it.

Which ones do you have? Do you like it?


I have a pie maker (different brand) and it’s great. I mostly use it for non-sweet pies, it’s a fantastic way to use up leftovers. The only downside is that it’s a pain to clean… puff pastry is greasy! They really ought to make these with removable heat-plate-things so you can wash them off in the sink.


I really can’t bring myself to buy such a unitasker. But they’re a cool idea o- especially if you have kids that like to “make” stuff or “help” in the kitchen.


I have the pigs in a blanket maker and tried it out this past weekend. I found that the “Lil’ smokies” are the perfect size to fit inside for mini corndogs, etc. However, the batter cooks so quickly that I’d recommend having a helper or some method of quickly putting the batter in so you can rapidly fill, place and top before the first ones cook. It only takes a little bit of batter on the bottom and top.

Makes delicious corn dogs - can’t wait to try out some of the other recipes it comes with and make up others!


Here are some finished products from the Pigs in a Blanket maker:

You can see if the batter spills over you get a ring around the edge. I used a toothpick to get them out of the pan, worked really well.

Here is what happens if you wait too long to put the hot dog in and the bottom batter swells up, and there isn’t enough room to put a lot of top batter on:

Still delicious!!


I’m glad it is almost lunchtime here. SO HUNGRY.


I have the quesadilla maker. It works great with store-bought tortillas. But the only problem is that you have be really careful about what you put in it as they are pretty flat. I can’t add a whole lot of chicken or the thing won’t close. The only half of them cook right.

Honestly, I wouldn’t buy it again. I recently got a similar pizza maker. That works GREAT for these AND makes pizza (and fries, and chicken fingers…). Also, the Foreman G5 makes good quesadillas. And that has a bunch of uses.

I agree that if you have kids, these may be a good idea (but they do get dangerously hot, so do be careful). Otherwise, they just take up too much room for something with so limited use.

That being said I’m eyein’ up the pop tart and the browner makers. But that could just be cause I’m hungry for something sweet.


Err … why not just make one appliance with interchangeable plates. Who has room for all of them?


I really want the pie maker, but I try to avoid one trick pony kitchen appliances. No room for all of this.


No need to clean off all the grease- just wipe it down with a paper towel.


Exactly what I was going to post. I almost wouldn’t buy any these on principle alone. Here, lemme just store half of these in my extra, invisible kitchen on the roof…


Is it me or are the Corn Dog Maker and Pretzel Dog On A Stick maker kinda the same?


So this stuff is from “Smart Planet”? Gimmie a break. Is there really anything planet friendly about buying junk from halfway around the world, that you don’t really need? Like a lemonade maker?


How do you know that I don’t need a lemonade maker? I may have a lemonade dependency and this could help me quickly meet that need.


Looks like CVS has the pie maker for $10.


Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

Can I just get a large gridle/grill instead? You can make all of these with it.


Are any of these “appliances” UL listed, or is that a question I ask after it’s burned down my kitchen?

Alton Brown - the only uni-tasker in the kitchen should be the fire extinguisher.


anything that plugs into a wall in the states is UL listed.


I bought the meatball maker, do the heat plates come off for cleaning?