GreenWorks Enhanced 24V Cordless Blower

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GreenWorks 24122 Cordless 24V Leaf Blower in action!

the one comment on the video is not so positive though.

Time to check out the product page

My city has draconian laws about how loud these things can be. This one is 85 db, so that’s 20 db above the limit here.

I don’t need one of these because I just received one as a Christmas gift last Xmas. I also have a relatively new Husgvarna backpack gas blower, which I probably will not be using much this year.

This GreenWorks is really a great blower. What they failed to tell you in any of the copy is that the battery is the new technology lithium-ion, which is far advanced of the old school batteries. This battery packs enough power to do my entire property (front and back) on a single charge and there’s enough left over to do more. It’s very small and light weight…a break from wearing the 20lb. plus backpack for clean up.

Finally, where can you buy a NEW 24V li-ion blower for this price?

You can get the 40V for 47.99 if you already have a greenworks item with listed batteries. I have a 20" mower and didn’t buy the batteries or charger. Cheap. Good for a 1/3 acre. This has less power and slightly more expensive.

For the price, I am wondering if I should buy two, given the cost of the battery alone.

Thanks emeister. I’m glad I watched the video. I was thinking of getting a battery powered leaf blower until I saw this. The amount of air seems barely adequate to blow the small amount of grass he’s cleaning up. Plus, the air tube is pretty short. I have a ton of leaves to blow in the Fall. This wouldn’t do at all.

Got my dad one of the new 40 volt model for this past Christmas, for way way more than this off amazon. It’s good for the driveway and sidewalks to clean up, but reeaally can’t see it even coming close to moving our oak leaves though…

Have to agree with you here. One has to be quite a short person or bend over the entire time as the gentleman in the video did. They air output doesn’t seem to be enough to clean much of anything fairly fast.

Your positvie review doesn’t really help if you don’t tell us the size of your property.

I have an older Greenworks blower, here is my take:

People whine when they put up electric snowblowers and tillers, comparing them to gas versions. That’s like saying a hammer and screwdriver are worthless junk just because you can buy pneumatic nailers and screw guns.

Of course this isn’t going to clear an acre of oak leaves, and that isn’t what it is intended to do. It is great for blowing the dirt and leaves off of your deck, blowing dirt out of your garage, or clearing grass clippings from your sidewalk, driveway, or around your pool.

The best tools are the ones you will use. This doesn’t require maintenance of a gas engine, fuel, or a cord, so you are more likely to actually use it rather than be too lazy and just leave the clippings there.

Sears for 39.98

I live in NJ, where you don’t get a lot of property because there are just too many people here who also need a place to live. Nevertheless, my property is a half acre. That’s more than enough for the average guy and keeps me trim and busy.

Try again. More like $97.98 at Sears. However, it appears that Sears is price matching Amazon so when you go to this page it shows $78.98.