Greenworks 40V Blower/Vac with Battery

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Greenworks 40V Blower/Vac with Battery
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I have this exact blower and am very happy with its performance. I haven’t done any major leaf blowing yet as it’s not fall leaf season yet, but for everything I’ve used it for, the battery has lasted as long as I’ve needed it. I had a cheap corded blower prior to this, and this thing blows much harder than it did. Especially with the turbo button, puts out some serious air!

I also have one of their mowers and love that too. That’s actually why I bought the blower, just to get the extra battery, but needed a blower anyways.

Time to check out the product page for the blower and learn all about Greenwork’s Environmental Commitment

Actual Product Page for today’s offer

I’ve never used this blower, but I do have the mower and string trimmer from this line, and they are great. I’ve been impressed with the battery life per charge, and have never come close to running out of power before the job’s done. Only used them for one season, so I can’t comment on battery degradation over time. So far so good, though.

The battery included with this deal alone costs ~$120, so if you’re buying into the Greenworks line the blower is only 40 extra dollars.

Or it you wanted to be REALLY green you could use a rake.

I did find the battery cheaper, 88 bucks or so, but fall is on the horizon, so leaf sucking is in my future.
With my mower, I noticed that the dual batts run out one at a time, meaning, if you only install one battery, you will know exactly when it runs out, allowing you to swap out the dead one for the fresh one, and get that depleted batt on the charger asap, instead of when both batts are dead.
I hope that makes sense.
Good night.

I have to ask: in the photo of the woman using the blower, what is that bubble thing behind her?

Rover coming to take her back to the Village.

Looks like it might be a portable butterfly house. Either that or one of those tents used to protect your garden plants from squirrels, deer and other critters.

I was tempted, because I have this company’s hedge trimmer, which uses the 2Ah version of the battery, and it works great. The company says the batteries are compatible, although the blower has the more powerful one. I’ve never come close to running out with the hedge trimmer and I have a lot of hedges that need periodic trimming. 185mph vs. 250mph for my variable speed corded blower/vac was the deal breaker, and never mind my corded blower/vac can be had for half as much even with the Woot discount for this one. Also, judging from the video, my corded model does a better mulching job, probably because it spins faster.


If your yard is tiny and you have few trees and you have the time, a rake is great. But if you, or your neighbor, has lots of trees you are going to spend a lot of time raking.

Considering the charger is $30. The blower/vac is really just $10. This would be an excellent add-on if you’ve already bought into the GreenWorks G-Max ecosystem.